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Bonelab Bonelab was written for the Belgian ensemble ‘The Bone Society’. In this composition, Kevin Houben displays all facets of the octet without limitations and with high physical demands for both the alto trombone as well as the tenor and bass trombones. The main theme is built on two devil’s chords: the first in its pure form, the second as an embellishment. The octet is also brought into play in various combinations including double-chorus, in twos, in threes, doubled in octaves, two times three plus solo voice, et cetera. If you like a real trombone challenge, this is it!
2081-16-070 S Bonelab
Kevin Houben | Scherzando | Trombone Choir | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 50,00
HL04004466 Final Countdown
Joey Tempest | Michael Brown | Hal Leonard | Trumpet Trio or Ensemble | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 28,80
HL04001620 Bugle Call Rag
Trumpet Trio or sections with optional rhythm sect | Jerry Nowak | Hal Leonard | Trumpet Trio | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 28,80
AL28279 16 Chorals
Johann Sebastian Bach | Alphonse Leduc | 4 Trombones | Score Only
€ 11,00
HL04157714 Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
Trumpet Trio or Section with Optional Rhythm Section | Michael Brown | Hal Leonard | Trumpet Trio | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 28,80
HL04157578 Alexander's Ragtime Band
Irving Berlin | Paul Murtha | Hal Leonard | Trumpet Trio | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 28,80
AL 5462A Fanfare for 6 Trumpets
Edmund Rubbra | Alfred Lengnick | 6 Trumpets | Set of Parts
€ 8,60
TRP064 Concert Fanfare
Eric Ewazen | Triplo Press | 6 Trumpets | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 18,80
10 Jazz Sketches, Volume 2 Written to give developing jazz musicians the chance to sharpen their interpretative skills in a trio setting for like instruments, this outstanding set features ten concise tunes in swing (5), Latin (2), ballad (2), and blues (1) styles. Each selection contains both linear and vertical writing, and every player has a chance to carry the melodic lead. This second in a four-volume series is designed for grade 3 players (Volume 1 is grade 2; Volume 3 and 4 are grade 4 and 5 respectively).
KEN17256 10 Jazz Sketches, Volume 2
Trumpet Trio | Lennie Niehaus | Kendor | Trumpet Trio | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 15,40
Trumpets in Consort This collection of pieces for trumpet trio is a welcome addition to the trumpet ensemble repertoire. The pieces in this volume are ideal not only for performance but also for group teaching.
F 580-070 Trumpets in Consort
3 trumpets | Bram Wiggins | Fentone Music | 3 Trumpets | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 20,00
Golden Glow The title refers to the warm and beautiful sound of the trombone, which Bert Appermont tried to use to its full potential when he composed this piece. This golden glow will come alive in the bright fanfares of the first and third movements. In the brassy effects and heroic melodies of the second movement, and in the beautiful expressive choral in the third movement. The composition ends the same way as it began, with the main motif echoing away - but now combined with the chorale theme fading into the golden glow of the final chord.
BMI13020611 Golden Glow
for Trombone Quartet | Bert Appermont | Beriato Music Instrumental | Trombone Quartet | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 61,00
EMR14048 St. Louis Blues
Piano, Guitar, Bass Guitar & Drums optional | Jérôme Naulais | Editions Marc Reift | 4 Trombones | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 22,90
No image for this product Trumpet Calls is written for twenty C trumpets in five separated groups, each with a unique character and an associated name: Fat n' Sassy, Agitated, Heroic, Bellows, and Echo. The five characters are released, one at a time, into the same space, and their interactions make for a fascinating piece. Dur.: 5'15
CFBQ123 Trumpet Calls
For 20 Trumpets | Zae Munn | Carl Fischer | 20 Trumpets | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 46,20
HL04157713 Ballad of the Three Amigos
Randy Newman | Michael Brown | Hal Leonard | Trumpet Trio | Score Only
€ 5,80
CC1301 50 Symphonic Trumpet Quartets
Albert Mancini | Charles Colin Music Publications | 4 Trumpets | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 67,70
HL04157666 Rock Around The Clock
Paul Murtha | Hal Leonard | Trumpet Trio | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 28,80
HL04157667 Rock Around The Clock
Paul Murtha | Hal Leonard | Trumpet Trio | Score Only
€ 5,80
GB4202 4 Pieces Faciles
Jean-Marc Serre | Gérard Billaudot | 3 Trumpets | Book Only
€ 16,80
FX071994 Marche Lorraine
Louis Ganne | Jean-Louis Couturier | Edition Flex | 4 Trombones | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 17,00
WM0166ENS Capriccio
Elgar Howarth | Winwood Music | Solo Cornet, 4 Cornets and Percussion | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 53,80
WM0105 Festival Fanfare
Joseph Turrin | Winwood Music | 10 Trumpets and Percussion | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 40,30
SM050034391 Trumpet Trios
Ronald Hanmer | Studio Music | Trumpet Trio | Book Only
€ 15,10
IMD64 Triptyque
D. Roger | International Music Diffusion | 4 Trumpets | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 24,60
EMR6097H 6 Fanfares
Ifor James | Editions Marc Reift | 3 Trumpets | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 19,60
Jupiter Hymn Jupiter Hymn is a beautiful, easy-to-play arrangement from the wonderful fourth movement of the seven-part orchestral suite The Planets by Gustav Holst: Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity. Holst took inspiration for this suite—one of his best-known works—from the astrological aspect of the planets rather than their astronomical or physical characteristics. Holst wrote The Planets at the beginning of the 20th century, at a time when certain features of the work, such as exotic time signatures (5/4), dissonances and unusual instrumentation were uncommon.
DHP 1125359-070 Jupiter Hymn
From The Planets | Gustav Holst | Robert van Beringen | De Haske Publications | Trombone Quartet | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 16,00
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