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AL17204 17 Grands Exercices Journaliers De Mecanisme
17 Big Daily Exercises - 17 Grosse Tägliche Mechanik-Übungen | Paul Taffanel | Alphonse Leduc | Flute | Book Only
€ 27,10
Irish Melodies for Flute A collection of original Irish songs designed for violinists produced following years of research. Ideal for concert performances or for private study, the songs range from fast jigs to quiet ballads. With chord symbols to enable performance with guitar, a harmonica or a banjo.
1249-05-400 DHI Irish Melodies for Flute
Joachim Johow | De Haske International | Flute | Book with CD
€ 20,00
Play Disney Songs Lots of people have asked me to create a collection of famous Disney songs, so I’ve had great fun putting together a book I’m sure you’re going to love. There are tunes from early Mickey Mouse cartoons, famous songs that everyone knows, and music from recent films, too.This book progresses from simpler tunes (like the level of lesson 14 in Look Listen & Learn, vol. 1) to more chall).
HL44010818 Play Disney Songs
Solo Arrangements of 12 Classic Disney Songs with CD Accompaniment | Jaap Kastelein | Hal Leonard | Flute | Book with CD
€ 16,00
All Time Klezmers This is a wonderful collection of klezmer music, inspired by the Jewish dances and songs of the klezmorim from Eastern Europe - from the lyrical HORA to the fast, compelling FREILACH. Some of the pieces have a second part ad libitum - for playing together or for variation in a repeat. For the accompaniment, chord symbols have been added and on the included CD there are complete versions as well as play-along versions of all pieces, played live by genuine klezmer musicians.
1245-05-400 DHI All Time Klezmers
Joachim Johow | De Haske International | Flute | Book with CD
€ 20,00
Essential Elements for Band - Book 1 with EEi (Essential Elements for Band and Essential Elements Interactive are fully compatible with Essential Elements 2000)

Essential Elements for Band offers beginning students sound pedagogy and engaging music, all carefully paced to successfully start young players on their musical journey. EE features both familiar songs and specially designed exercises, created and arranged for the classroom in a unison-learning environment, as well as instrument-specific exercises to focus each student on the unique characteristics of their own instrument. EE provides both teachers and students with a wealth of materials to develop total musicianship, even at the beginning stages.

Books 1 and 2 also include access to Essential Elements Interactive (EEi), the ultimate online music education resource - anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Go to www.essentialelementsinteractive.com to learn more!

Method features:

• Enhanced Learning System

• Optimum Reinforced Learning

• Theory, History, Cross-Curriculum & Creativity

• Daily Warm-ups & Rubank Studies

• 12 Full Band Arrangements

• Rhythm Studies

Book also includes My EE Library* (www.myeelibrary.com) - Instant Stream/Download/CD-ROM*

• Start-up video Learn the basics

• Play-along mp3 tracks for all exercises Features a professional player on each individual instrument

• Duets and trios Print and play parts with friends

• Music listening library Hear great pieces for band!

*Internet access required for
My EE Library. Book includes instructions to order free opt. CD-ROM.
HL00862566 Essential Elements for Band - Book 1 with EEi
Comprehensive band method | Hal Leonard | Flute | Book with Audio-Online
€ 11,40
La Flûte au Salon The term “salon music” - making music in private salons - was coined in the 19th century. During this period, the invention of the Böhm System and the resulting new sound and technical capabilities of the flute sparked an increase in compositions for the instrument, from composers such as Franz Doppler and Theobald Böhm. La Flûte au Salon contains seven challenging romantic pieces by these and other composers of the time. Two recordings of each piece on the CD allow the player to listen to a complete version, and to play-along with the piano accompaniment.

Contents: Valse gracieuse Op. 261,2 (Popp) • Scherzino Op. 55,6 (Andersen) • Romance op. 41 (Brun) • Barcarolle et Tarantella Op. 70,2 (Molique) • Mazurka de Salon Op. 16 (Doppler) • Souvenir des Alpes Op. 27,1 (Böhm) • Csárdás (Monti).

1506-08-400 M La Flûte au Salon
for Flute and Piano | Mitropa Music | Flute | Book with CD
€ 23,00
Emily Beynon Teaches: Köhler and Gariboldi In this book Emily Beynon presents a selection of études from Ernesto Köhler and Giuseppe Gariboldi with a new approach.The well-known études are all provided with a second part that can also be used as an extra study. In addition, a page of preparatory exercises precedes each étude. The valuable experience of playing together is also possible using the enclosed CD, which contains two versions of each piece: a duet version and the second part alone to play along.Köhler and Gariboldi not only offers effective study material, but also the unique opportunity to play these popular études as duets - in lessons, at home, or on the concert stage.
DHP 1074345-400 Emily Beynon Teaches: Köhler and Gariboldi
Concert Etudes for one or two flutes | Giuseppe Gariboldi | Ernesto Köhler | Roland Kernen | De Haske Publications | Flute | Book with CD
€ 23,00
Dynamic Dances These 18 dances by the jazz master Allen Vizzutti were written to be used as study pieces or unaccompanied solos which can be grouped together in any number or order. Each piece is inspired by its title and contains endemic rhythmic and melodic elements. Titles include - Waltz, Ballad, Flamenco, Irish Reel, and many more.
DHP 1002072-401 Dynamic Dances
Graded Concert Studies | Allen Vizzutti | De Haske Publications | Flute | Book Only
€ 16,00
Disney Songs For Flute Quartet This edition contains four songs from well-known Disney production. It's a Small World is the theme tune of the attraction of the same name that can be found in the Disney amusement parks. The Bare Necessities is from the film The Jungle Book. One Last Shot is a song from Pirates of the Caribbean, a pirate film filled with adventure, fantasy and action. The last song in this edition is A Pirate's Life from Peter Pan, a magical fairytale.
1376-06-070 DHE Disney Songs For Flute Quartet
Roland Kernen | De Haske Europe | Flute Quartet with Piccolo Ad. Lib. | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 18,00
Musical Souvenirs for Flute An album for flautists of a moderate standard with pieces in various styles including tango, Hungarian, Irish and jazz.
DHP 0991675-400 Musical Souvenirs for Flute
10 original pieces in various styles | Jos van den Dungen | Robert van Beringen | De Haske Publications | Flute | Book with CD
€ 20,00
HU3615 Fabulous Flutes
Jan van Beekum | Harmonia Instrumental | Flute | Book Only
€ 10,50
14 Easy Flute Quartets The composer Pascal Proust has many years’ experience as a musician and music teacher. His output includes several hundred compositions for the most diverse instrumentations. He wrote 14 Easy Flute Quartets for flute players at the level of approximately 2–3 years’ study and paid special attention to an easy-to-follow, attractive musical style. As a result, these quartets are ideal performance or competition works for young flute ensembles.
DHP 1165699-070 14 Easy Flute Quartets
Pascal Proust | De Haske Publications | 4 Flûtes Traversières | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 21,00
Magical Moments This not-so-easy but very attractive book contains twenty wonderfully diverse pieces. Expression is essential - it is all about feeling and conveying the ‘spirit’ of the music. Each piece holds its own challenge, for example in the range, the rhythm or the key. The fantastic CD has been recorded live.
DHP 1084415-400 Magical Moments
20 enchanting pieces for flute | Jos van den Dungen | De Haske Publications | Flute | Book with CD
€ 19,00
Bel Canto for Flute and Harp/Piano Bel Canto for Flute offers valuable études, beautiful concert pieces and the inspiring experience of playing together with a harp!Emily Beynon presents 20 short tone studies that were initially intended as training for singers, but are equally suitable for flute players wishing to develop a beautiful sound, smooth legato and expressive vibrato. On the CD two versions of each piece can be heard: a demo version with flute and harp, and a play-along version with the harp accompaniment alone. For concert performances the accompaniments (playable on the harp or the piano) are included in the book.
DHP 1074386-400 Bel Canto for Flute and Harp/Piano
Robert van Beringen | De Haske Publications | Flute | Book with CD
€ 21,00
Best of Film & TV (Flute) Now solo instrumentalists can play play along with 14 intermediate-level tunes from TV-series and movies like The Lion King, Family Guy, Pirates of the Caribbean and Twilight. These books include CDs with orchestral accompaniment.
A Whole New World (Aladdin)
Bella's Lullaby (Twilight)
Can You Feel the Love Tonight (The Lion King)
Chariots of Fire (Chariots of Fire)
Do-Re-Mi (The Sound of Music)
Theme from Family Guy (Family Guy)
Lady Marmalade (Moulin Rouge)
The Man from Snowy River (The Man from Snowy River)
May it Be (The Lord of the Rings)
He's a Pirate (Pirates of the Caribbean)
Somewhere in a Memory (Home Alone)
The Addams Family (The Addams Family)
Theme from The Simpsons (The Simpsons)
You've Got a Friend in Me (Toy Story)
DHP 1135434-400 Best of Film & TV (Flute)
Solo Arrangements of 14 Classic Songs with CD Accompaniment | Klaus Badelt | Eithne Ni Bhraonain | De Haske Publications | Flute | Book with CD
€ 16,00
Disney Solos - Flute A collection of twelve well known Disney songs, arranged for solo Flute. The songs include I Just Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King), , Under The Sea (The Little Mermaid) , You'll Be In My Heart (Tarzan) plus many more? The accompanying CD includes backing tracks so you can play along with these wonderful accompaniments.
HLD00841404 Disney Solos - Flute
Hal Leonard Europe | Flute | Book with CD
€ 13,80
Classical Duets for Flute This book of flute duets is a journey through the history of classical music for two players of a moderate standard. The pieces, ordered chronologically, according the composer’s year of birth, take you from the 17th century all the way to the late 19th century via Purcell, Haydn, Schubert and Grieg.
DHP 1023303-400 Classical Duets for Flute
A journey through the history of classical music | Nico Dezaire | De Haske Publications | Flute | Book with CD
€ 18,00
Classics for Weddings This book contains the best-known and most beautiful wedding classics. Great composers from different style periods are present: from Johann Sebastian Bach to Richard Wagner. With stately as well as cheerfully informal melodies, Classics for Weddings offers ample choice. On the CD you will find demo as well as play-along versions of all the pieces - a fine aid for studying! Also includes a piano part, which is also suitable for organ (manuals only).
F 921-400 Classics for Weddings
solo instrument & piano | Fentone Music | Flute | Book with CD
€ 20,00
15 Intermediate Christmas Carols Part of the Anglo Music Play-Along Series, Philip Sparke’s 15 Intermediate Christmas Carols is aimed at the young instrumentalist who can play about an octave and a half and follows on from Sparke’s 15 Easy Christmas Carols. Specifically tailored to suit the individual instrument, this book introduces the developing player to the world’s most popular Christmas tunes by selecting simple yet attractive melodies that fit their limited range. The book will provide invaluable additional material to complement any teaching method and includes both piano accompaniment and a demo/play-along CD.
AMP 427-400 15 Intermediate Christmas Carols
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Flute and Piano | Book with CD
€ 17,00
Scales & Arpeggios This book includes all the scale requirements for the 2006 flute Grade Examinations for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. For ease of use the scales are given as required for each grade in order.
F 234R-401 Scales & Arpeggios
Contains all Grades 1 - 8 | Fentone Music | Flute | Book Only
€ 8,50
Little Penguin A small penguin accompanies a very young flautist on his first steps into the world of music. Whoops, we’re on an ice floe. Be careful not to slip!

The composer Pascal Proust has many years’ experience as a musician and music teacher. His output includes several hundred compositions for the most diverse instrumentations. He wrote Little Penguin for flautists at the level of approximately one year’s study and paid special attention to an easy-to-follow, attractive musical style. As a result, Little Penguin is an ideal performance or competition work for young musicians.

DHP 1155649-401 Little Penguin
Pascal Proust | De Haske Publications | Flute and Piano | Book Only
€ 10,50
Look, Listen & Learn 1 Flute Edited by acclaimed educator Philip Sparke, these exciting method book/CD packs for beginners contain songs, music puzzles, games to increase your understanding of music, information about your instrument, and lots of fun pieces to play - either with the CD provided or with other students. Books include helpful diagrams and fun illustrations throughout.
DHP 1002007-400 Look, Listen & Learn 1 Flute
Method for Flute | Jaap Kastelein | Michiel Oldenkamp | De Haske Publications | Flute | Book with CD
€ 21,00
A Debussy Album With the enchanting pieces in this collection flautists can begin to acquaint themselves the music of the Impressionists. For this purpose Franco Cesarini has selected and adapted eight well-known pieces by Claude Debussy, the leading Impressionist composer. Thanks to the printed piano accompaniment you can play them with a pianist, as well as using the accompaniment on the CD, which also contains complete demo versions of all the pieces.
1508-08-400 M A Debussy Album
Collected Highlights from his Best-Loved Works for Flute and Piano | Claude Debussy | Franco Cesarini | Mitropa Music | Flute and Piano | Book with CD
€ 23,00
Top Hits - Flute This volume in the Hal Leonard Instrumental Play-Along series contains a dozen hot contemporary hits, arranged specially for the Flute and complete with downloadable backing tracks to play along to.
HL00171073 Top Hits - Flute
Hal Leonard Instrumental Play-Along | Hal Leonard Europe | Flute | Book with Audio-Online
€ 12,40
Disney Movie Hits Some of the most famous and cherished musical moments from Disney movies, including favourites such as Monster?s Inc., The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story and The Lion King . This edition of Disney Movie Hits has been specially arranged with the main melodies for Flute solo. The book contains all the music for the Flute part in standard notation and the CD features full instrumental accompaniments, allowing you to perform these eleven solos as if you were leading the band!
HL00841420 Disney Movie Hits
Hal Leonard Europe | Flute | Book with Audio-Online
€ 13,80
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