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321 product(s) found in Brass Band - Genre - Solo Pieces
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The Green Hill This piece was commissioned by Swiss euphonium virtuoso Erich Schmidli. Bert Appermont dug deep into Celtic music for inspiration and created a fantasy that shows off the incredible, but often overlooked, versatility of the euphonium. Charming lyrical melodies, virtuosic runs and exciting, colourful tuttis create plenty of contrast in this exciting work. The difficulty level for the soloist and band means almost any band to perform this piece and showcase their euphonium player.
BMP11013510 The Green Hill
For Euphonium and Brass Band | Bert Appermont | Beriato Music Publishing | Baritone/Euphonium and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 72,99
Belvedere Belvedere is a beautiful solo for flugel horn or cornet and is partly taken from City Scapes, a concert work that was inspired by Central Park in New York City. The title Belvedere refers to ‘Belvedere Castle’, erected in 1869, and radiates the peaceful atmosphere of this place.
DHP 1165682-030 Belvedere
for Bb Flugel Horn (or Bb Cornet) and Brass Band | Jan de Haan | De Haske Publications | Flugel Horn [or Cornet] and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 54,99
Sweet Sunset The sky creates a dazzling display of yellows, oranges, and reds, before turning a calm blue, then purple, and finally black. Such sunsets inspired Jan de Haan to write this piece for solo flugelhorn and brass band. It is dedicated to his daughter, Hermanda.
DHP 1094724-030 Sweet Sunset
Jan de Haan | De Haske Publications | Flugelhorn and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 49,99
Colors This work was written especially for the Belgian trombonist Ben Haemhouts and was created on Dec. 29, 1998 in Ravels. Colors for trombone is a virtuous composition based on four colors, "Yellow", "Red", "Blue" and "Green". Each Color characterizes a typical musical quality. This masterpiece of Bert Appermont is undoubtedly a superb addition to the trombone repertoire!
BMP14013039 Colors
for Trombone and Brass Band | Bert Appermont | Beriato Music Publishing | Trombone and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 119,99
Harlequin Harlequin was commissioned by, and is dedicated to, euphonium virtuoso David Childs.The piece takes its inspiration from the happy and sad masks that symbolise the Commedia dell'Arte (which features Harlequin as one of its main characters) and comprises of two movements, a slow modal ballad followed by a frenetic faster movement. A fantastic showpiece for the euphonium and brass band.
AMP 133-030 Harlequin
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Baritone/Euphonium and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 93,99
Sunday in the Park Sunday in the Park was written for tenor horn virtuoso Sheona White, and commissioned by her partner, Matt Wade, as a Christmas present. Composer Philip Sparke had known and admired Sheona’s playing for many years, having produced her first solo CD and written pieces for her previously. Both composer and performer are huge fans of the late Karen Carpenter, Sheona in part modelling her sound on the singer’s sultry voice; so it was decided that this new solo would be a piece which, whilst not being a ‘Carpenters’ pastiche, paid tribute to their relaxed style and rich harmonic language. Sunday in the Park opens with an accompanied cadenza for the soloist, which leads to a gentle rhythmic melody with a laid-back feel. This is taken up by the band but the soloist sparks a change of mood by introducing a faster light rock interlude. This reaches a climax, at which point the music unwinds until the original mood returns. A variation on the original melody leads to a short cadenza from the soloist, which brings the work to a peaceful close.
AMP 420-030 Sunday in the Park
for Eb Horn and Brass Band | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Eb Horn and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 77,99
A Repton Fantasy Sir Hubert Parry (1848-1918) is mostly remembered for the marvellous melodies of his hymn tunes, such as Jerusalem and Repton. The latter first appeared in Parry’s oratorio Judith and was adapted as a hymn tune after the composer’s death. This fantastic cornet solo will give your section leader a real chance to shine.
AMP 166-030 A Repton Fantasy
Based on the hymn tune Dear Lord and Father of Mankind | Charles Hubert Parry | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Cornet and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 44,99
Cornet Rock Cornet Rock takes a look back at the history of pop music in the 1950’s and gives the young band a chance to rock and roll with the cornets taking the lead. Treat your cornets to this lively solo section feature.
AMP 174-030 Cornet Rock
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 49,99
SM050040309 Soliloquy
Solo Cornet | Philip Sparke | Studio Music | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 57,10
Sir Eu Sir Eu was commissioned by the regional music authority of Upper Austria and the brass band SoundINNBrass. The composition was meant to be very virtuoso and was written for the euphonium player Steven Mead, who premièred it and has played it regularly worldwide. The title Sir Eu alludes to the master of the euphonium himself, and also to the concept of Europe. From jazz through romanticism to folkloristic elements - this work offers everything that the musical heart could wish for!
1491-07-030 M Sir Eu
Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Baritone/Euphonium and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 103,99
Tuba Gospel As the title implies, this composition is a bass section feature,with a bit of a difference. In addition to modern spiritedpassages which demonstrate the bass sections virtuositythere are also slower sections which are reminiscent of agospel choir! A great way of showcasing your bass section.
1301-07-030 M Tuba Gospel
Bertrand Moren | Mitropa Music | 3 Tubas and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 54,99
Cavatina for Cornet In this solo work - a commission for an 18th birthday present - the opening mood of a brooding modal blues gives way momentarily to a more optimistic central section. Following an emotional climax and reflective cadenza, the opening material returns, but now tying in with the central section, and the piece fi nally ends in a more positive mood.
AMP 290-030 Cavatina for Cornet
for Cornet and Brass Band | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Cornet and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 54,99
Euphonium Fiesta A wonderful new work for euphonium, Euphonium Fiesta consists of three separate movements played without a break. The first and third movements explore the technical and rhythmical possibilities of the soloist whilst, in the middle movement, the soloist has a wonderful lyrical melody fully utilising the full range of the instrument. This phenomenal work is sure to become a popular soloist showcase for many years to come.
1305-07-030 M Euphonium Fiesta
Bertrand Moren | Mitropa Music | Baritone/Euphonium and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 72,99
Horns Enjoying Themselves This composition highlights the tenor horns. Long understated and unfairly relegated to the accompaniment, the tenor horn has gained prominence in the brass band during recent years.Horns Enjoying Themselves is an entertaining piece that will delight performers and audience alike. The first part is inspired by circus, with playful themes featuring humorous dissonances. The second part is a slow and calm journey through the mellow and luminous sound colours of the tenor horn. The third and last movement opens with a cadenza played by the soloists (alone). Written in triple time, it showcases the technical skills of the soloists.
1308-07-030 M Horns Enjoying Themselves
Trio for Horns and Brass Band | Bertrand Moren | Mitropa Music | 3 Horns and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 54,99
Have Mercy, Lord Have Mercy, Lord from J.S. Bach’s St Matthew Passion is one of the most beautiful arias from the baroque period. In Philip Sparke’s arrangement, it is envisaged that the soloists stand together as a group stage right, while the other musicians stand behind to form the tutti group. This piece is easily playable for both the soloists and the band, and will create a beautiful moment of reflection whether performed on the concert stage or in a church.
AMP 424-030 Have Mercy, Lord
Erbarme Dich, mein Gott from St Matthew Passion | Johann Sebastian Bach | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 59,99
Sambezi Sambezi is the brass band version of the last movement of Philip Sparke’s Trombone Concerto. It starts in a joyful and outgoing mood with the soloist playing a carefree samba tune. A jazz-in uenced central tune explores the higher ranges of the trombone before the samba rhythms set up a ‘contest’ between the soloist and the band’s trombone section. The soloist is the eventual ‘winner’ and he celebrates by reintroducing the samba melody before bringing the work to a virtuosic close. A real treat for your trombone soloist.
AMP 229-030 Sambezi
for Trombone and Brass Band | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Trombone and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 72,99
AMP 260-030 Scaramouche
for Baritone and Brass Band | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Baritone/Euphonium and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 72,99
Lyrica Lyrica is a solo work for E-flat-cornet. As the title conveys, it is based on an expressive, lyrical theme that gives the soloist the chance to bring his or her musical skills into the limelight. The attractive accompaniment has been crafted in an original polyphonic way. Highlight your soprano player with this sumptuous solo.
DHP 1084579-030 Lyrica
Solo for Eb Cornet and Brass Band | Stijn Roels | De Haske Publications | Cornet and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 49,99
Capriccio for Trombone Capriccio for Trombone was commissioned by Brett Baker, trombone soloist and member of the famous Black Dyke Band. It is a tribute to the late Mike Moor, close friend and colleague of both Brett and the composer. The piece aims to capture Mike’s good humour, his love for brass band music and the irrepressible, enthusiastic energy he involved in all things he did in his life.
AMP 308-030 Capriccio for Trombone
for Trombone and Brass Band | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Trombone and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 59,99
A Final Fling A Final Fling was written at the request of David Childs for a CD recording with a Celtic theme, which he released in 2007. The phrase ‘a final fling’ means a last quick effort at doing something, perhaps when this item is used as an encore, and also, a fling is a type of Scottish Highland dance, which tied in with the Celtic theme. A light- hearted piece, A Final Fling starts in the mood of a folk dance and quotes from The Irish Washerwoman before flying to a close. A perfect way to put your euphonium player in the spotlight.
AMP 233-030 A Final Fling
Euphonium Solo | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Baritone/Euphonium and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 54,99
Variants on an English Hymn Tune This set of variations on the well-known hymn tune Holy, holy, holy! will make a most satisfying addition to the solo repertoire for euphonuim and brass band. It is in the traditional air varié form with an introduction, theme and 3 variations. The original melody (known as Nicaea) was composed by John Bacchus Dykes' especially for Reginald Heber's renowned hymn of praise and became universally popular when it was included in Hymns Ancient and Modern in 1861. A beautiful solo that will test the soloists ability to show true emotion.
AMP 108-030 Variants on an English Hymn Tune
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Baritone/Euphonium and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 72,99
Best Friends With Best Friends, Belgian composer Johan Nijs portrays friendship in a wonderful ballad that can be played on the cornet, euphonium or trombone. A great chance to put one of your players in the spotlight! In this version for Brass Band the euphonium plays the solo.
1806-11-030 S Best Friends
Solo for Cornet or Euphonium | Johan Nijs | Scherzando | Baritone/Euphonium, Cornet and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 49,99
Irish Mood Irish Mood was written in a classic ‘theme and variations’ construction, opening with an Irish-inspired melodic theme, which is then followed by four variations of divergent character. After the introduction of the theme by the soloist, the cornets and trombones play the main melody in Variation 1, while the soloist provides a flowing counter melody. Next comes the highly extrovert and lively Variation 2, contrasted by an introverted Variation 3 in a minor key. A masterful tutti (Variation 4) then leads the piece toward a brilliant ending.
DHP 1104941-030 Irish Mood
Solo for Eb Horn and Brass Band | Stijn Roels | De Haske Publications | Horn and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 66,99
Fantasia for Tuba This work for Tuba and Brass Band was commissioned by and written for internationally renowned tuba soloist Steve Sykes. The Tuba plays four notes (F, Bb, G, C) during the opening. All the themes and much of the harmonic structure are based on these fours notes and their permutations. The soloist receives ample opportunity to showcase his or her technical prowess and expressive capabilities. Fantasia for Tuba also provides plenty of interaction between the soloist and brass band.
CMP 1223-07-030 Fantasia for Tuba
James Curnow | Curnow Music Press | Tuba and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 72,99
CMP 0013-95-030 Duet from Lakmé
for Bb Cornet and Bb Flugel with Brass Band | Leo Delibes | Curnow Music Press | Cornet, Flugelhorn and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 49,99
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