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Purcellian Fantasia This composition is based on the march from Henry Purcell’s Music for the funeral of Queen Mary II, a work written in 1694. In this fantasia, various movements flow from one to the next following the main theme; these movements not only elaborate on the theme, but also contrast with it. At times, the thematic material diverges so much, that the work acquires a character of its own; however, the composer often refers back to fragments of the theme. This work was test piece in the 4th division of the Dutch National Brass Band Championships (NBK) in 2017.
DHP 1175816-030 Purcellian Fantasia
based on the march from Henry Purcell's Music for the funeral of Queen Mary II | Jan de Haan | De Haske Publications | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 103,99
The Green Hill This piece was commissioned by Swiss euphonium virtuoso Erich Schmidli. Bert Appermont dug deep into Celtic music for inspiration and created a fantasy that shows off the incredible, but often overlooked, versatility of the euphonium. Charming lyrical melodies, virtuosic runs and exciting, colourful tuttis create plenty of contrast in this exciting work. The difficulty level for the soloist and band means almost any band to perform this piece and showcase their euphonium player.
BMP11013510 The Green Hill
For Euphonium and Brass Band | Bert Appermont | Beriato Music Publishing | Baritone/Euphonium and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 72,99
DHP 1001937-701 371 Vierstimmige Choräle ( 1 Bb TC )
Johann Sebastian Bach | De Haske Publications | Trumpet / Flugel Horn / Cornet / Clarinet | Part
€ 14,00
DHP 1001936-700 371 Vierstimmige Choräle ( 1 C TC )
Johann Sebastian Bach | De Haske Publications | C Flute / Oboe / Recorder / Violin / Clarinet / Trumpet 1 TC | Part
€ 14,00
DHP 1001940-704 371 Vierstimmige Choräle ( 2 Bb TC )
Johann Sebastian Bach | De Haske Publications | Trumpet / Flugel Horn / Cornet / Clarinet | Part
€ 14,00
Queen Greatest Hits Queen Greatest Hits is a veritable feast of fantastic melodies from one of the worlds largest supergroups. Includes: Bohemain Rhapsody, Another One Bites the Dust, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, We Will Rock You and We Are the Champions. Queen at their best!
DHP 1115045-030 Queen Greatest Hits
Freddie Mercury | John Deacon | Peter Kleine Schaars | De Haske Publications | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 59,99
DHP 1001949-713 371 Vierstimmige Choräle ( 4 C' BC )
Johann Sebastian Bach | De Haske Publications | Bassoon / Trombone / Baritone | Part
€ 14,00
DHP 1001945-709 371 Vierstimmige Choräle ( 3 Bb TC )
Johann Sebastian Bach | De Haske Publications | Trombone/Baritone/Euphonium | Part
€ 14,00
Welcome to the Jungle Named the greatest hard rock song of all time by VH1, Guns N' Roses' signature hit was introduced back in 1987 and remains as popular and recognizable today as ever. Featuring plenty of musical variety and excitement, this version will challenge young players but is guaranteed to inspire them to practice!
HL44012388 Welcome to the Jungle
Paul Murtha | Hal Leonard | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 54,99
DHP 1001941-705 371 Vierstimmige Choräle ( 2 EbTC )
Johann Sebastian Bach | De Haske Publications | Eb Horn | Part
€ 14,00
Coldplay on Stage Catchy melodies and distinctive rhythmic grooves characterize the music of this contemporary rock group. Including their hits Clocks, Lost! and Viva la Vida, here is a great sounding medley for the concert stage.
1957-13-030 MS Coldplay on Stage
Clocks ~ Lost! ~ Viva La Vida | Michael Brown | Music Sales | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 59,99
Let it Go Already on its way to becoming a classic, this memorable ballad from Disney’s Frozen is arranged here in a very musical and dramatic setting for brass band.
HL44011984 Let it Go
from Frozen | Kristen Anderson-Lopez | Robert Lopez | Philip Harper | Hal Leonard | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 44,99
Skyfall Skyfall, the title song for the latest Bond film, with its echoes of the original Bond theme, is perhaps the most archetypal Bond song of all. This up-to-the-minute arrangement by Philip Sparke makes it super easy to recreate on stage the exciting atmosphere of the most famous secret agent in the history of film.
HL44011848 Skyfall
from the Motion Picture SKYFALL | Paul Epworth | Philip Sparke | Hal Leonard | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 49,99
Friendly Takeover Friendly Takeover was composed for the 2016 Swiss Wind Band Convention in Montreux. In this three movement piece the composer experiments with lyrical motives combined with rhythmical pulses in different meters throughout the piece. In the finale, the musical scene is taken over completely by groove-based rhythms. This takeover, however, is of a friendly nature, as the various beats are not being conceived as rivals of the lyrical motives, but are rather supposed to infuse energy and vitality to the latter. Thus, one gets the impression of an ongoing acceleration throughout the piece.
BMP16013650 Friendly Takeover
Oliver Waespi | Beriato Music Publishing | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 98,99
Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) This 1994 song of Billy Joel is probably one of his most beautiful hits ever. It was originally intended as a prelude for another song ‘River of Dreams’ with lyrics in Latin. Philip Harper has created a magnificent arrangement for either two flugelhorns or two cornets.
DHP 1155648-030 Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel)
Billy Joel | Philip Harper | De Haske Publications | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 49,99
The Last Night of Fall This beautiful chorale for Brass Band illustrates the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. Describing the end of nature’s cycle, it has a rather melancholic character until the final chord which symbolises the new beginning. This contemplative work is ideal for creating a moment of tranquillity during a concert, and is also suitable as a warm-up piece.
BMP15013630 The Last Night of Fall
Etienne Crausaz | Beriato Music Publishing | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 54,99
In The Stone In the Stone is an entirely appropriate title for this song from pop legends, Earth, Wind & Fire, whose funky tunes characterised the disco era like no other artist. In the Stone is a lively brass band arrangement that maintains the soulful character of the original record, which featured exciting saxophone, trumpet and trombone parts.
2001-14-030 M In The Stone
as performed by Earth, Wind & Fire | Maurice White | Gilbert Tinner | Mitropa Music | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 54,99
DHP 1001939-703 371 Vierstimmige Choräle ( 2 C TC )
Johann Sebastian Bach | De Haske Publications | Trumpet | Part
€ 14,00
Pirates of the Caribbean The atmosphere of the brilliant and successful Walt Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean was partly defined by the exciting, dramatic and powerful film music of Klaus Badelt. With this excellent arrangement of his memorable themes, the adventure comes to life all over again! The medley consists of Fog Bound, The Medallion Calls, To The Pirate’s Cave, The Black Pearl, One Last Shot and He’s a Pirate.
1211-05-030 DHE Pirates of the Caribbean
Klaus Badelt | John Blanken | De Haske Europe | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 54,99
Dublin Pictures Ireland is a multi-faceted country that has developed a popular and distinctive musical culture. The first movement of Dublin Pictures reflects Irish festivals where there is dancing and traditional beer flowing. More tranquil in its feel, the second movement illustrates the landscape that can be seen from the Ha’penny Bridge, a bridge that crosses the River Liffey in Dublin. This movement highlights the wide range of the orchestra’s sound colours as the musicians’ voices combine with the wind and percussion to accompany the soloist. The lively and joyful rhythms of the last movement take the listener to Temple Bar, the famous tourist quarter of the city, well known for its vibrant nightlife. The music’s energy and virtuosic motifs are in contrast to the previous movement and provide a spirited and festive finale.Marc Jeanbourquin wrote this piece in three movements for Azimuts Brass in 2011. He then arranged it for Concert, Fanfare or Brass Band
1837-11-030 M Dublin Pictures
Marc Jeanbourquin | Mitropa Music | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 89,99
DHP 0991414D-216 371 Vierstimmige Choräle
Johann Sebastian Bach | Hans Algra | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie/Fanfare/Brass Band | Score Only
€ 42,00
Oldies Forever In the field of popular music the years around the change from the 60’s to the 70’s saw a wealth of great releases. Many of these hits have been re-released or reworked by artists making them popular today with a new young audience. This new medley presents many hits that would be an attractive concert item in their own right but together they form a musical masterpiece with an almost irresistible appeal on the listener.
1212-05-030 M Oldies Forever
Stefan Schwalgin | Mitropa Music | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 59,99
Veni Immanuel The Advent hymn we all know today as O Come, O Come, Immanuel was arranged in its modern form by Thomas Helmore and published in Hymnal Noted in 1856. Both the words and melody, however, predate this version by centuries. The words are based on a 9th century antiphon and the tune, Veni Immanuel, is taken from a 15th century processional of French Franciscan nuns, part of the setting for the funeral hymn Libera Me. This arrangement aims to expand on the power and mystery of the original tune and will be most effective if the solo cornet at the start and end of the piece can be placed away from the band, maybe at the back of the auditorium.
AMP 065-030 Veni Immanuel
Meditation on 'O come, O come, Immanuel' | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 49,99
How Far I'll Go (From "Vaiana") Walt Disney Pictures movie «Vaian»a from 2016 tells the story of Vaiana, the strong-willed daughter of the master in a Polynesian tribe. She is elected by the sea to reunite a mysterious relic with a goddess. When a disease affects the island she lives on, Vaiana set sails searching for Maui, a legendary demigod. Her goal is to save her people. The great theme song from the movie, «How far Ill go», is magnificent and original and has elements of folk music. The song is nominated for Oscar in the «Best original song»-category. The modulation in this arrangement is re-written a semitone to make it fit our Young Band Entertainment-series.
NNS9790261712224 How Far I'll Go (From "Vaiana")
Lin-Manuel Miranda | Haakon Esplo | Norsk Noteservice | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 54,80
The Turtle Dove The Turtle Dove is without a doubt one of the most well-known British folk songs, right up there with the likes of Greensleeves or Drink to Me Only. The Turtle Dove has been skillfully arranged for concert band by Swiss composer and arranger Etienne Crausaz, carefully keeping the mood and intimacy of the original melody.
BMP10093491 The Turtle Dove
Etienne Crausaz | Beriato Music Publishing | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 49,99
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