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249 product(s) found in Brass Band - Composer - Philip Sparke
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Music of the Spheres Music of the Spheres was commissioned by the Yorkshire Building Society Band and first performed by them at the European Brass Band Championships in Glasgow, May 2004. The piece reflects the composers fascination with the origins of the universe and deep space in general. The title comes from a theory, formulated by Pythagoras, that the cosmos was ruled by the same laws he had discovered that govern the ratios of note frequencies of the musical scale. (‘Harmonia’ in Ancient Greek, which means scale or tuning rather than harmony - Greek music was monophonic). He also believed that these ratios corresponded to the distances of the six known planets from the sun and thatthe planets each produced a musical note which combined to weave a continuous heavenly melody (which, unfortunately, we humans cannot hear). In this work, these six notes form the basis of the sections Music of the Spheres and Harmonia. The pieces opens with a horn solo called t = 0, a name given by some scientists to the moment of the Big Bang when time and space were created, and this is followed by a depiction of the Big Bang itself, as the entire universe bursts out from a single point. A slower section follows called The Lonely Planet which is a meditation on the incredible and unlikely set of circumstances which led to the creation of the Earth as a planet that can support life, and the constant search for other civilizations elsewhere in the universe. Asteroids and Shooting Stars depicts both the benign and dangerous objects that are flying through space and which constantly threaten our planet, and the piece ends with The Unknown, leaving in question whether our continually expanding exploration of the universe will eventually lead to enlightenment or destruction.
AMP 028-030 Music of the Spheres
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 165,00
Fanfare and Celebration Fanfare and Celebration was commissioned by the Brass Band of the Western Reserve (Dr Keith M. Wilkinson, director) to celebrate their 15th anniversary. Based in north-west Ohio, the band was formed in 1997 and was competing in the Championship Section of the North American Brass Band Championships in less than three years. The first performance of Fanfare and Celebration took place in Akron, Ohio, on November 10th 2012.The opening Fanfare features the cornet section, in two groups standing either side of the band. A central horn theme brings a change of mood before the cornets take the lead once more. Celebration follows seamlessly and continues the declamatory style until a cantando theme in uneven meter is introduced. A transformed recapitulation ushers in a return of the Fanfare to close the work.
AMP 373-030 Fanfare and Celebration
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 76,00
Evolution Evolution was commissioned by Kunstfactor for the 4th section of the Dutch National Brass Band Championships (NBK) 2011. It is dedicated to Jappie Dijkstra and the Music Information Centre (MUI), Arnhem, Holland, in acknowledgement of their outstanding work in developing brass band repertoire. The composer writes:-The idea for the piece came when I was reading an article about a branch of Chinese philosophy which is abbreviated as Wu Xing, which has no exact translation but can mean, for example, five elements, five phases or five states of change. It is central to all elements of Chinese thought, including science, philosophy, medicine and astrology, and in simple terms tries to create various cyclic relationships between five elements in all walks of life. An example is: Earth - Metal - Water - Wood - Fire - (Earth) etc. where (in one cycle) earth bears metal, metal changes to liquid (water) when heated, water helps trees grow, wood burns to create fire, fire produces ash (earth) and the cycle continues.I was particularly interested in the cycle of emotions: Meditation - Sorrow - Fear - Anger - Joy - (Meditation) etc. and thought this cyclic principle would provide an effective emotional journey for a piece of music. So Evolution has five equal sections which loosely characterise this emotional cycle. I have tried to make the music grow organically, with minimal repetition, and each movement evolves from the musical elements at the end of the previous one, with the opening material appearing, transformed, at the end of the piece to complete the cycle.
AMP 338-030 Evolution
Five States of Change | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 110,00
Dreamsong Dreamsong was commissioned by Geir Ulseth and the Nidaros Brass Band from Trondheim, Norway. After a short introduction, the soloist introduces a rather nostalgic melody, accompanied by the lower brass parts. A fast central section is then played by the band, which leads to a climax. Eventually, the main melody played by the solo cornet and flugel horn returns, overlaid with an ornamented counter-melody from the soloist, who then closes the piece with a short cadenza.
AMP 464-030 Dreamsong
for Euphonium and Brass Band | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Euphonium and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 70,00
The Bandwagon Band director and radio presenter Yutaka Nishida hails from Tokyo and is the Frank Renton of the Japanese brass band world. He presents a weekly two-hour music programme on the Japanese national radio station, Digital Radio Musicbird. The programme is called The Bandwagon and the station commissioned Philip Sparke to compose a march, which could be used as the theme tune. The result is this bright and breezy march in simple ABA form. A great lively item for any concert.
AMP 126-030 The Bandwagon
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 53,00
Flowerdale Flowerdale is a forest in Wester Ross, Scotland, which is well-known for it’s beautiful waterfall. This piece, for solo soprano cornet, is one of the movements from Philip Sparke’s epic suite Hymn of the Highlands. It depicts the tall trees swaying gently in the wind with the serenity of the area being reflected by the subtle accompaniment of the band. Let your soprano player bloom into colour with this exquisite solo. A real show stopper.
AMP 049-030 Flowerdale
from Hymn of the Highlands - Soprano Cornet Solo | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Soprano Cornet and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 58,00
AMP 213-330 Music for Battle Creek
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Study Score
€ 17,00
A Klezmer Karnival Klezmer music originated in the ‘shtetl’ (villages) and the ghettos of Eastern Europe, where itinerant Jewish troubadours, known as ‘klezmorim’, had performed at celebrations, particularly weddings, since the early Middle Ages. Since the 16th century, lyrics had been added to klezmer music, due to the ‘badkhn’ (the master of ceremony at weddings), to the ‘Purimshpil’ (the play of Esther at Purim) and to traditions of the Yiddish theatre, but the term gradually became synonymous with instrumental music, particularly featuring the violin and clarinet. In recent years it has again become very popular and in A Klezmer Karnival Philip Sparke has used three contrasting traditional tunes to form a suite that will bring a true karnival atmosphere to any concert.
AMP 124-030 A Klezmer Karnival
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 58,00
A Christmas Herald Designed to open a Christmas concert, A Christmas Herald starts with a fanfare that introduces a lyrical theme, which eventually turns out to be a descant to Hark, the Herald Angels Sing, which is subsequently introduced by trombones and euphoniums. The famous carol then gradually transforms back into the fanfare, which closes the work as it began.
AMP 247-030 A Christmas Herald
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 48,00
SMM050028307 Orient Express
Philip Sparke | Studio Music | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 48,70
Jubiloso Jubiloso was commissioned by Utsunomiya Brass Society, a talented and versatile group of brass players whom Philip Sparke has conducted on many occasions. When they asked him to compose a ‘signature’ march to celebrate their 30th anniversary, they asked for a bright and breezy march which they could use to open concerts. Jubiloso is in the same ‘Broadway’ style as Sparke’s Slipstream and The Bandwagon with heavily syncopated melodies and the conventional cantabile trio section but also contains sudden bars with unusual time signatures which trip up the march rhythm.
AMP 248-030 Jubiloso
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 53,00
Salute to the Victor Salute to the Victor is in traditional march form and contains, as a tribute to Victor Grieve who was a devotee of English music (in particular that of Sir Edward Elgar), a short quote from Elgar’s Sea Pictures in the trio. Salute to the Victor was commissioned by Helen, Alex and James Grieve for the Golden Kangaroos (Hornsby Concert Band) from Sydney, Australia, in memory of their parents, Louise and Victor Grieve, Founder and Director.
AMP 440-030 Salute to the Victor
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 58,00
Cornet Rock Cornet Rock takes a look back at the history of pop music in the 1950’s and gives the young band a chance to rock and roll with the cornets taking the lead. Treat your cornets to this lively solo section feature.
AMP 174-030 Cornet Rock
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 53,00
Suite from Hymn of the Highlands Suite from Hymn of the Highlands draws three expressivemusical pictures of the Scottish highlands. The first movement,Ardross Castle, contains solo passages for horn andbaritone and features a fascinating bagpipe melody. Thesecond movement, Alladale, is a trio for tenor horn, flugelhorn and baritone with an accompaniment featuring thepercussion section. The final movement, Dundonnell,features two highly contrasting melodies, a wild prestoand the bagpipe melody first heard in the first movement.
AMP 047-030 Suite from Hymn of the Highlands
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 145,00
A Stroll in the Park A Stroll in the Park is a piece in the tradition of "walking" music (such as the Promenade from Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition or Gershwin's Walking the Dog from Shall we Dance). It strives to describe the joyful benefits of a relaxing walk in a city park on a summer Sunday afternoon and should be played in a relaxed, carefree and laidback manner.
AMP 208-030 A Stroll in the Park
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 53,00
Three Extraordinary Journeys Three Extraordinary Journeys was commissioned to mark the centenary of the death of the famous author Jules Verne. Based on three novels from his Voyages Extraordinaires series of travel stories, the music aims to capture the excitement and adventure of these famous books. A fantastic new major concert or ‘own choice’ contest piece.
AMP 146-030 Three Extraordinary Journeys
A Tribute to Jules Verne (1828-1905) | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 100,00
Aria Aria was commissioned by and written for the remarkable tenor horn player, Sheona White. The work opens with an accompanied recitative, which leads to a change of key where the main melody is presented. This, in turn, serves as an introduction to another melodic idea, marked calmato. The band takes up this theme and then takes centre stage with a passionate repeat of the main theme, which is completed by the soloist. A cornet then plays the calmato theme against which the soloist plays a counter melody. This leads to a return of the opening recitative which brings the work to a peaceful close. A fantastic new addition to the solo repertoire for this much neglected solo instrument.
AMP 066-030 Aria
Eb Horn Solo | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Baritone/Euphonium and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 53,00
Kaleidoscope Kaleidoscope is a set of five variations of on the ‘Brugger Lied’ (Brugg Song) which is the traditional song of the town of Brugg. The lyrics tell of the geography, people and traditions of this charming and historic town, which is situated in the north of Switzerland, near to the German border, about halfway between Basel and Zurich.Each variation is based on tiny extracts of the theme, the whole piece therefore resembling the effect of a kaleidoscope, which juxtaposes small fragments of colour in a constantly changing pattern.
AMP 035-030 Kaleidoscope
Five Variations on the 'Brugg Song' | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 100,00
Sambezi Sambezi is the brass band version of the last movement of Philip Sparke’s Trombone Concerto. It starts in a joyful and outgoing mood with the soloist playing a carefree samba tune. A jazz-in uenced central tune explores the higher ranges of the trombone before the samba rhythms set up a ‘contest’ between the soloist and the band’s trombone section. The soloist is the eventual ‘winner’ and he celebrates by reintroducing the samba melody before bringing the work to a virtuosic close. A real treat for your trombone soloist.
AMP 229-030 Sambezi
for Trombone and Brass Band | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Trombone and Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 76,00
Land of Hope and Glory Elgar’s five Pomp and Circumstance Marches were written between 1901 and 1930 with number 1 undoubtedly being the most popular of the five. King Edward VII told Elgar that the tune would ‘go round the world’ if words were fitted to it. Elgar took the hint and included it (with slight rhythmic changes) in his Coronation Ode of 1902, with words by A. C. Benson. Thus was born Land of Hope and Glory which is now, of course, an integral part of the annual Last Night of the Proms, when the audience (with varying degrees of success!) sing the words along to the original march. Now your brass band can enjoy all the pomp and ceremony of proms with this arrangement by Philip Sparke.
AMP 128-030 Land of Hope and Glory
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 48,00
Saint-Saëns Variations In 2006, a long-time dream of Philip Sparke finally became reality: to compose a set of variations on the famous chorale from Saint-Saëns’ renowned Organ Symphony. In 2009 the composer reworked the piece for brass band. The resulting Saint-Saëns Variations has been simplified, shortened and in many places completely recomposed, to distill the essence of the symphony even further and allow younger bands to enjoy the power of Saint-Saëns’ masterpiece in an approachable, yet completely faithful, work.
AMP 281-030 Saint-Saëns Variations
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 100,00
Time Remembered The initial idea was for a millennium piece, which it is, but rather than add to the many celebratory pieces that have understandably been written to salute the 3rd millennium, Philip Sparke thought it would perhaps be appropriate to think about the aspects of life that are constantly with us (such as faith and philosophy) rather than the exciting changes that the year 2000 has undeniably wrought. This calm meditative work will bring a moment of serenity and reflection to any concert.
AMP 006-030 Time Remembered
Elegy for Band | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 88,00
Raveling, Unraveling WINNING PERFORMANCE EBBC LILLE 2016 Raveling, Unraveling – In Search of ‘La Valse’ was written for the Cory Band as their own-choice test piece for the 2016 European Brass Band Championships in Lille. The piece found its genesis in Sparke’s The Unknown Journey (2014) for concert band, and the use of Ravel’s La Valse as a structural undercurrent to the original piece is an act of reverence. Sparke’s aim was to produce a work that is organic rather than episodic in nature. The composer’s view is that little in music does this better than La Valse and for this reason he uses various sections of this masterpiece, both manipulated and quoted verbatim (including much of its stunningclosing passages) to provide the overall geography of his new work. As the music progresses, more of the Ravel appears, surfacing completely as the piece reaches its climax - a gesture of homage to the French master.
AMP 448-030 Raveling, Unraveling
In search of 'La Valse' | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 160,00
Madrigalum The idea behind this work was to create an opening piece, something to start a concert in an unusual way. The title is a portmanteau word derived from madrigal. The work indeed begins in Renaissance mood however gradually tries to shake of its modal start and, by contrasting different instrumental families,the work changes into modern clothes.Why not add a little Renaissance splendor to any concert with this unique new work?
AMP 143-030 Madrigalum
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 58,00
Portrait of a City In this exciting suite Philip Sparke sets out to capture the essence of his hometown, London, with each of the three movements depicting one of the many characteristics of this fascinating city. Skyline shows the frantic lifestyles of Londoners with millions of diverse people with different hopes and needs. Autumn shows the changes that take place in London during the different seasons and Downtown portrays the exciting nightlife of the West End.
AMP 030-030 Portrait of a City
Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Brass Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 105,00
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