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The Wall The walls of Babylon, the Great Wall of China, the limes of the Roman Empire and the Berlin Wall are just a few examples of the walls mankind has built over past centuries. Today, building walls remains an issue, often under the pretext of ‘protection’ against intruders. This idea inspired Otto M. Schwarz to write a piece about the Roman limes between Germania and Rhaetia. From around 150 to 260 AD the wall faced numerous attacks. This programmatic work describes the events as they happened a long time ago, and addresses hope that these events belong to the past forever. The Wall is a work full of action in all-instrumental groups. This is an impressive piece with strong musical images, perfect for a contest or as an apotheosis in your concert.
2100-17-010 M The Wall
Germanicus Maximus - The Limes | Otto M. Schwarz | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 165,00
A Princess’s Tale A Princess’s Tale is based on one of the best-known of all fairy tales by the Grimm Brothers with the original German title Schneewittchen. According to the mythologies the story actually took place in Spessart. It is even allegedly possible to identify specific reference points within the plot to Lohr and its environs. Thomas Doss has taken this opportunity to link this story to the area, and has even incorporated the motif from the famous “Spessart Song” into each of the four movements Once Upon a Time…, The Dwarfs, The Glass Coffin and The Princess’s Release and Wedding.
2056-16-010 M A Princess’s Tale
A Fantasy Adventure | Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 145,00
Highlights from La La Land The critically acclaimed and widely popular movie musical La La Land features fresh-sounding songs and an award-winning soundtrack. Beautifully scored for concert band, this medley includes Another Day of Sun, City of Stars, Mia & Sebastion's Theme, and Audition (The Fools Who Dream).
HL04005103 Highlights from La La Land
Justin Hurwitz | Benj Pasek | Michael Brown | Hal Leonard | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 80,00
City of Stars (from La La Land) The highly acclaimed movie musical La La Land, took home six Academy awards including Best Original Song for City of Stars. Here is a great sounding arrangement of this charming song scored for flexible instrumentation.
HL04005105 City of Stars (from La La Land)
Justin Hurwitz | Justin Paul | Johnnie Vinson | Hal Leonard | Flexible Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 63,00
Shape of You Recorded by Ed Sheeran, this popular hit features a rhythmic pulse and catchy melodies. This energetic version for concert band makes effective use of the percussion section as well as terrific scoring for the entire ensemble.
HL04005241 Shape of You
Matt Conaway | Hal Leonard | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 63,00
A Tribute to Amy Winehouse On July 23 2011, the news of the death of Amy Winehouse shocked the entire world. What could have been one of the most impressive careers in the history of pop and modern soul, was halted by a tragic event which no one will forget. The best way to honour Amy Winehouse now is through her music. A Tribute to Amy Winehouse includes all of the songs which earned her cult status and made her unforgettable – You Know I’m No Good, Valerie, Love Is a Losing Game, Back to Black and Rehab.
DHP 1155660-010 A Tribute to Amy Winehouse
You Know I’m No Good, Valerie, Love Is a Losing Game, Back to Black, Rehab | Amy Winehouse | Peter Kleine Schaars | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 115,00
Red Hot Chili Peppers The iconic American rock band ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ were founded in the early 80’s, and are to this day one of a few bands with such a long and impressive record of musical achievement. Richard Johnsen made a perfectly playable arrangement, without cutting out any stylistic qualities of the originals. The medley consists of the songs Californication, Under the Bridge and Snow (Hey Oh). Rock your audience!
DHP 1175836-010 Red Hot Chili Peppers
Greatest Hits | Richard Johnsen | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 110,00
A Beatles Anthology This grade 3 medley features some of the most popular hits from one of the most famous bands of all times. It features songs such as, All You Need is Love, Yellow Submarine, Twist and Shout and Hey Jude.
2107-17-010 M A Beatles Anthology
All You Need Is Love - Yellow Submarine - Hey Jude - Twist And Shout | Gerald Oswald | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 115,00
Concerto d'Amore In Concerto d’Amore, a maestoso opening is followed by a quick and energetic movement that leads to a magnificent adagio. A motif from this adagio can be heard in a swinging movement, after which the piece comes to a close with the return of the adagio. This arrangement for concert band certainly brings this beautiful music to life.
DHP 0950624-010 Concerto d'Amore
Jacob de Haan | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 140,00
Radio Ga Ga This 1983 hit performed by Queen became a huge success not only because of the universal meaning of the lyrics, but also because of the iconic official video. The Austrian composer and arranger Thomas Doss, also a big fan of Queen’s music, made this refreshing grade 3 arrangement. This title will certainly spice up your concert!
2108-17-010 M Radio Ga Ga
as performed by Queen | Roger Taylor | Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 82,00
Ammerland Ammerland brings you a vivid impression of this enchanting region by the Zwischenahner Lake (Germany)! The rural landscape of Ammerland combines fields covered with yellow rape blossoms, lush meadows, seemingly endless country roads and an exquisite lake. Let yourself be lured away on a short musical trip to beautiful Ammerland. Enjoy nature, the lake and the brilliant colours of a unique landscape.
DHP 1012558-140 Ammerland
Jacob de Haan | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie | Score Only
€ 15,00
Balkan Dance The Balkans region has always been a source of musical inspiration for composers throughout the centuries. Strong rhythms and often-abundant musical climaxes are two important characteristics of this rich and varied musical style. Etienne Crausaz took some of these elements and mixed it with elements of rock, turning this Balkan Dance into an exuberant and spectacular piece of music, during which no one can remain seated!
BMP17011665 Balkan Dance
Etienne Crausaz | Beriato Music Publishing | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 105,00
Arsenal Arsenal was composed for the 50th anniversary of the 'Harmonie van het Spoorwegarsenaal' [railroad arsenal], based in Mechelen (Belgium). Rather a stately concert march, it has beautiful themes and a broad melody in the trio. It was premiered in the Mechelen Cultural Center on the 11th of May 1996 during the solemn ceremony, opening the anniversary year and conducted by the composer. In the meantime, Arsenal has been recorded several times by such renowed performers like the Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra, the Black Dyke BB etc.
DHP 0950665-010 Arsenal
Jan Van der Roost | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 88,00
Pop City Pop City combines pop and funk music, and has been composed in the style of a film or television theme tune. It was commissioned by the municipal wind band of Phalempin (France), and represents the vitality and energy of the city, which proclaims itself “active by nature”. You will be swept away by this pop music theme. All of the orchestral sections featured in this festive music will get your groove on and get you up dancing. This is the perfect opener or apotheosis for your performance!
DHP 1175799-010 Pop City
Thierry Deleruyelle | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 82,00
St Paul's Suite Between 1905 and 1934, Gustav Holst was Director of Music at St Paul’s Girls School in Brook Green, London. St Paul’s Suite, written for the school’s string orchestra, was premiered there in 1913 and consists of four movements: an energetic Jig in 6/8 and 9/8, Ostinato, based on a simple 4-note theme, Intermezzo, an energetic and rhythmic dance and Finale, adapted from the Second Suite in F in which Holst brilliantly combines The Dargason and The English Dancing Master, with the traditional melody, Greensleeves.
AMP 455-010 St Paul's Suite
Gustav Holst | Philip Sparke | Anglo Music Press | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 160,00
Send In The Clowns Send in the Clowns is one of the most well known songs written by composer Stephen Sondheim. The ironic lyrics have a present-day meaning. It was recorded by the likes of Judy Collins, Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand. Between them all, they brought this song eternal fame. The Norwegian arranger, Richard Johnsen, who is very familiar with this musical repertoire, made this beautiful arrangement and kept it very close to the sound of the original version.
DHP 1175791-010 Send In The Clowns
from the Musical 'A Little Night Music' | Stephen Sondheim | Richard Johnsen | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 82,00
Deep Purple Medley Deep Purple are one of the most famous rock bands of all time. This medley is an essential piece of Concert Band repertoire. Keep on rocking with this powerful arrangement which includes Burn, Highway Star and Smoke on the Water.
DHP 0960774-010 Deep Purple Medley
Burn - Highway Star - Smoke on the Water | Toshihiko Sahashi | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 115,00
1574-08-010 M Around the World in 80 Days
Otto M. Schwarz | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 175,00
Castrum Alemorum The Castle of Allymes, “castrum Alemorum”, located on a hill in the centre of the seigneury of Allymes (France) is an historic castle dating back to the fourteenth century, rebuilt in the sixteenth century and restored in the nineteenth. This piece evokes an image of the castle, its beautiful location within the surrounding landscape and its importance for the rural district of Ambérieu-en-Bugey. Combining beautiful melodies with rhythmical sections and modern sounds with passages in a renaissance style, this work of Jacob de Haan is an impressive musical challenge that is both fun to play as well as appealing for your audience: as you listen you can almost see the castle before your eyes.
DHP 1175713-010 Castrum Alemorum
Jacob de Haan | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 130,00
Don't Stop Me Now Although this tune by iconic band Queen met with a rather cool reception when it was first released in 1979, over the years it has become one of the bands most popular songs thanks in part to frequent use in advertising, television and film. Featuring trademark tight harmonies and a dramatic style shift from moderate ballad to double time rock, this arrangement will sound terrific even with young players.
HL04004606 Don't Stop Me Now
Recorded by QUEEN | Freddie Mercury | Paul Murtha | Hal Leonard | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 63,00
Kool & the Gang Greatest Hits Top music arranger, Gilbert Tinner has a great deal of expertise in all styles of entertainment music. He has shared the stage with many famous artists as a musician. This is a groovy arrangement of a few of the greatest hits of Kool and the Gang such as, Joanna, Get Down On It, Celebration and Ladies Night. Get your audience on their feet!
2070-16-010 M Kool & the Gang Greatest Hits
Get Down On It - Joanna - Ladies Night - Celebration | Gilbert Tinner | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 120,00
Town of the Seven Hills This 4-movement suite tells the story of the beautiful French town ‘Tulle’ that was built on seven hills, just like Rome and Lisbon. The composer depicts the history of the town, as well as important events such as the bloodbath during World War II, the fabric ‘tulle’ after which the town is named and the festive annual fair. Since Tulle is also known for the production of accordions, the composer added an ‘ad libitum’ accordion part. A really charming and stylish concert or contest work!
DHP 1175782-010 Town of the Seven Hills
Suite for Concert Band | Jacob de Haan | De Haske Publications | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 120,00
Disney Film Favorites Music from Disney's animated classics has become a part of our culture and reaches across generations with its appeal. This medley of familiar melodies will bring back fond memories for players and audience alike. Includes: Under the Sea (The Little Mermaid),Circle of Life (The Lion King), Friend Like Me (Aladdin) and Beauty and the Beast.
HL04003268 Disney Film Favorites
Johnnie Vinson | Hal Leonard | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 69,00
Fanfare for a New Horizon This fanfare stands for progress and the discovery of new horizons. But it also represents an expanding awareness while nurturing traditional values. These are the cornerstones of the Austrian music tradition and not least of all in social and amateur music, which must be preserved the world over for future generations.
1978-14-010 M Fanfare for a New Horizon
Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 105,00
Hallelujah Written by Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen back in the '80s, this powerful song has reached almost legendary status with its frequent usage in TV and movies. Recorded by such diverse artists as Bob Dylan, Bon Jovi and Justin Timberlake, it was also used in the first Shrek movie and most recently during the 2010 Winter Olympics opening ceremony in Vancouver. Here is a terrific setting for band by Michael Brown.
HL04001239 Hallelujah
Leonard Cohen | Michael Brown | Hal Leonard | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 63,00
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