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127 product(s) found in Concert Band - Publisher - Iber Musica
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Consuelo Císcar This festive composition, a traditional Spanish paso doble, has been dedicated to Consuelo Císcar, a true devotee of the Valencian culture. This paso doble describes her Spanish, and particularly her Valencian, personality. With this work, filled with colorful harmony, the composer wishes to pay tribute to this extraordinary Valencian woman
IB 006-010 Consuelo Císcar
Pasodoble de Concierto | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 82,00
Abraham This tone poem for concert band is based on the Old Testament tale of Abraham, who was ready unconditionally to make the greatest sacri_x001F_ce he could: that of his own son, Isaac. In Ferrer Ferran’s starkly contrasting composition the emotions that this tale evokes come to the fore: the bliss of divine life and humanity, as opposed to worry, fear and self-sacri_x001F_fice.
IB 067-010 Abraham
A Biblical Tone Poem for Symphonic Band / Poema Bíblico Sinfónico | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 160,00
La Rodana The Spanish “Pasacalle” is a very characteristic genre of Spanish musical tradition. It resembles the march but is more majestic and represents the air of pretentiousness that is so typical for the Spanish male character of the sixties. This composition is not only an example of this kind of musical genre, but it also reminds us of the most typical Spanish celebration of all - the bullfight. Take your audience away to a balmy summer night in the bullring with this great new paso doble.
IB 015-010 La Rodana
Pasacalle Español | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 94,00
Almansa Al-Manzah, nowadays called Almansa, is a town of Muslim origin. Its name comes from the Arabic word al-mansah, meaning “the watchtower”. On a rocky peak above the town stands an impressive castle from where it is possible to admire the Spanish Levant (the Mediterranean coast of the Valencian region) from the Meseta (a high plateau in the centre of the Iberian Peninsula).

This is a delightful and festive piece which is both pleasant to listen to and exciting to play.
IB 069-010 Almansa
Symphonic Episode ~ Episodio Sinfónico | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 165,00
Luis "El Huiso" Luis “El Huiso” is a paso doble for the concert hall that is awash with powerful Spanish temperament and radiates with joy and energy. With its typical Spanish motifs, the Spanish composer and conductor of the world-wide renowned Banda Primitiva de Paiporta of Valencia pays tribute to the president of this brass band who was instrumental in its success story.
IB 068-010 Luis "El Huiso"
pasodoble de Concierto | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 76,00
Pinocchio (Complete Ed.) The many adventures of Pinocchio, written by Carlo Collodi, have become a classic in children’s literature of the 19th century. Known and loved around the world, this story has been adapted in many different ways. Ferrer Ferran sets the adventures of this lovable, wooden puppet in an exciting, passionate, sweet and fascinating symphonic suite. Pinocchio consists of four contrasting movements: Pinocchio, Mister Gepetto and the Talking Cricket, The Fairy with the Turquoise Hair, The Field of Miracles and The Land of Toys/The Terrible Dog_x001F_ sh/Pinocchio Becomes a Little Boy. This suite will be loved by young and old alike.
IB 058-010 Pinocchio (Complete Ed.)
Symphonic Suite | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 490,00
A Fairy Tale In many fairytales, fairies can be helpful, mischievous or even dangerous beings with supernatural powers. Fairies are creatures of nature and create for us a link from our every day to the fairy world that lives within us. This simple and serene work allows us to catch a glimpse of this magical world for a moment.
IB 051-010 A Fairy Tale
(Un Cuento de Hadas) Magic Fantasy | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 105,00
IB 045-010 El Meu Iaio
Pasacalle de Concierto | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 88,00
Consolat de Mar Consolat de Mar is an uplifting Spanish paso doble, expertly crafted to make it an ideal concert opener. The introduction and the following runs convey the pride of the Spanish character. The trio develops a gentle melody that provides a nice contrast to a solemn march-like passage. Dance music at its best!
IB 039-010 Consolat de Mar
Pasodoble de Concierto | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 100,00
Euterpe Music is an indispensable element in the lives of human beings. In nature, we see the essence of this principle reflected. Plato imagined the cosmos as a live animal: all parts are connected in harmony. From this point of view, the universe forms a large pentagram in which all notes flow together perfectly. This is confirmed around us every day. The twittering of a canary, the sputtering of fire, the sparkle of a waterfall pattering and falling on stones, the rattle of a snake that takes on a threatening attitude, or even the silence of the desert are expressions of Euterpe (the muse of music). Why not let your flautist shine with this major new solo work.
IB 012-010 Euterpe
La Musa de la Música | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Flute and Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 205,00
L'Amistat This paso doble, in truly Valencian and Spanish character, reflects the traditional dance form with its roots in the movements of the matador as he confronts the bull in the bullring. It’s colourful character and driving beat make L’Amistat suitable for use as a concert piece or as a street march. Bring a little Spanish magic to any concert with this fiery new work.
IB 017-010 L'Amistat
Pasodoble para Banda | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 94,00
El Quijote El Quijote is based on Cervantes novel Don Quixote. This gem of Spanish literature has captured the whole world, and is widely acclaimed to be not only one of the most influential and emblematic work in the field of Spanish literature, but more generally a founding work of modern Western literature. Ferrer Ferran composed the symphonic fantasy El Quijote on the occasion of the 400th anniversary of this literary work. The composition can be performed with an optional narrator who declaims from Cervantes? work.
IB 021-010 El Quijote
Fantasía Sinfónica para Narrador y Banda Sinfónica | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 205,00
Mont Serrat Mont Serrat is a fresh and delightful fantasy overture. Its Spanish flair and bright colours make it an extremely engaging work. The music quickly reveals itself to be captivating and exquisitely pleasant. The triple-time rhythm reflects the typical elements found in the seguidilla (a Spanish dance) as this fantasy unfolds a sweet and poetic melody that is shared between the trumpet and saxophone. Mont Serrat is guaranteed to delight audience and musicians alike.
IB 065-010 Mont Serrat
Fantasía obertura Española | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 110,00
Iberian Trumpets Iberian Trumpets is a characteristically Spanish, lively and warm-hearted composition in four movements. The opening cadence is in the form of a cante jondo - a _x001D_flamenco song. Now follows a fandango, which in turn heralds a gypsy dance with castanets. The middle section is a bolero, an enchanting melody over a continual ostinato, which leads to an energetic repeat of the fandango.
IB 072-010 Iberian Trumpets
Trompetes al Vent ~ Fantasia Espanola para Dos Trompetas y Banda | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | 2 Trumpets and Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 130,00
IB 001-040 La Passió de Crist
Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 560,00
María Gil Herrero Maria Gil Herrero is named after the woman for whose golden wedding anniversary this piece was written. It is in the form of a traditional paso doble and, with solo passages for alto saxophone, trumpet and flute, an interesting proposition for any concert band. Its typically Spanish character is sure to win over your audience!
IB 073-010 María Gil Herrero
Pasodoble de Concierto | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 82,00
So Nata Per Te So Nata Per Te — or Naci para ti in Spanish — translates as “I was born for you”. This symphonic suite is inspired by Pepe Domingo, a great music enthusiast and lover of life who wanted to commemorate his long and happy marriage to his dear wife, Concha. He commissioned Ferrar Ferran to set to music the great bond of their partnership: the couple will be able to close their eyes and relive through the music their most precious memories one by one.So Nata Per Te is a suite of many contrasts. Its contemporary, modern flavours are entertaining while the colourful variations are exciting and fascinating. Audience members may recall happy memories in their own lives listening to the delightful, famous tunes that appear throughout the work and, although somewhat different from the originals, they are easily recognisable.Ferrer Ferran dedicated this work to Pepe Domingo and his wife Concha not only for their great enthusiasm and passion for music, but also for their mutual love. So Nata Per Te was premiered on 27 February 2010 at the Auditorio Florida of Paiporta (Spain) by the Banda Primitiva de Paiporta, conducted by the composer.
IB 071-010 So Nata Per Te
(Born for You) Suite Sinfónica | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 210,00
Jovintud Ferrer Ferran is the conductor of Juventud Musical who, in 2005, celebrated their twentieth anniversary. Jovintud was composed to celebrate this anniversary and is a blend of the name ?Jovi? with the word juventud (youth). Tenor saxophone player José Vicente Berchí, known as Jovi, is the chairman of the group. Jovintud is a youthful, cheerful and humorous composition that has its own unique charm. A wonderful vibrant work that is a great opportunity to feature your tenor saxophone player.
IB 019-010 Jovintud
Fantasy for Tenor Saxophone and Concert Band | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Tenor Saxophone and Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 150,00
Toyland Suite Who has not played with toys as a child? While listening to this wonderful suite, your audience will regain their youthful memories by entering a world of fantasy and imagination with each movement representing a different toy. Dolls and Marionettes - the dolls are echoed in a cheerful tempo, and the marionettes in a waltz. The Doll House - slower and more cantabile. The Train - we hear the steam engine, the steam whistle and the buzz of a tour in the world of imagination. The Tin Soldier - we hear footsteps far off, coming closer, the rhythm of the drums, the energetic sound of the army. Dressed in uniforms and in straight lines, they march in a perfect rhythm. Make yourself feel young once again with this great work.
IB 014-010 Toyland Suite
Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 155,00
IB 059-010 The Bolero of Carmelo
Bolero Sinfónico | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 105,00
Juana de Arco This sumptuous tone poem pays homage to Joan of Arc, and herdivine mission of saving her country and helping the Dauphin(crown prince) gain the French throne, during the Hundred Years’War between England and France. This and other brave actsultimately led to her being condemned both for heresy, and forwearing clothing and armor such as is worn by a man, and sentencedto death. A remarkable piece about a remarkable woman.
IB 023-010 Juana de Arco
Tone Poem for Concert Band | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 180,00
IB 033-010 Pontones
Pasodoble de Concierto | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 88,00
Vents Catalans Vents Catalans (Catalan Winds) is a symphonic fantasy which, while it does no directly reference any melody or song from Catalonian folk music, still manages to convey all the life, beauty and energy of this charming region in southern Spain. After a triumphant and majestic introduction, reminiscent of folksongs and lively dances, the mood calms down with an elegant, yet playful, melody, followed by the Sardana, the traditional Catalonian dance par excellence.
IB 034-010 Vents Catalans
Fantasía Sinfónica | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 145,00
IB 025-010 Maestro Lino
Rapsodia Española | Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 120,00
Canto a UNICEF Canto to UNICEF was composed to mark the 50th anniversary of UNICEF. The melody is dedicated to all those children who have grown up with very little love and must live in countries where the welfare service we take for granted do not exist. This large scale work is extremely moving and will guarantee the full attention of your audience.
IB 005-010 Canto a UNICEF
Ferrer Ferran | Ibermúsica | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 82,00
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