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Pulse Pulse is a solo work for baritone or euphonium and concert band. As the title suggests, this piece is very rhythmic in nature. Pulse represents life and vitality, which also characterises the work. The tempo remains virtually constant throughout the piece. Even during the cadenza, played by the baritone, the pulse of the timpani continues to beat steadily. Even though the piece stays at a constant tempo, it can be performed at half speed. This work is dedicated to the young soloist Felix Geroldinger of upper Austria.
2042-17-010 M Pulse
for Solo Bb Euphonium (or Bb Baritone ad lib.) and Concert Band | Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Baritone/Euphonium and Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 133,99
Man in the Ice This programmatic piece of music is one of the best-selling works from Otto M. Schwarz. There was a very high demand for a lower grade version to enable young and small bands to perform this epic piece. On September 19th, 1991, a mummified corpse of a man was found at the Similaun glacier in the Ötztäler Alps. The glacier unveiled an early man after 5300 years, with all of his personal belongings. His clothes and weapons were fairly well preserved and provide us today with a deeper insight into that period. Austrian nature filmmaker Kurt Mündel reconstructed the life of this man and made a film, which Otto M. Schwarz used as an opportunity to write a work for symphonic wind band and musically resurrect the “Man in the Ice- Ötzi”.
2078-16-010 M Man in the Ice
Otto M. Schwarz | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 98,99
Skyliner Skyliner is the first symphonic concert march from the pen of composer Otto M. Schwarz. His debut in this genre is a spectacular concert march in his unmistakable filmic style. In Skyliner, Otto M. Schwarz has fulfilled the wishes of many musicians by composing a concert march which is also available in a grade 2,5 version.
2031-15-010 M Skyliner
Symphonic March | Otto M. Schwarz/OMS GmbH | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 93,99
1574-08-010 M Around the World in 80 Days
Otto M. Schwarz/OMS GmbH | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 165,99
Sunny Side Up This piece of music is especially designed to brighten your day! The infectious energy and rhythm, together with the happy melody, will drive all the rainclouds away. Enjoy life with Sunny Side Up!
2098-16-010 M Sunny Side Up
Gerald Oswald | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 89,99
Between Two Worlds This programmatic composition tells the story of a group of workers from a remote forest in the French speaking part of Canada. They are longing to be with their families as Christmas is coming soon and at this time of the year, one can only leave the plant by canoe. According to legend the workers decide to take the flying canoe, but to use it they must close a deal with the devil…
2059-16-010 M Between Two Worlds
The Flying Canoe - La Chasse Galerie | Otto M. Schwarz/OMS GmbH | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 149,99
Fanfare for a New Horizon This fanfare stands for progress and the discovery of new horizons. But it also represents an expanding awareness while nurturing traditional values. These are the cornerstones of the Austrian music tradition and not least of all in social and amateur music, which must be preserved the world over for future generations.
1978-14-010 M Fanfare for a New Horizon
Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 98,99
The Rise of the Blackjack This composition tells the exciting story of Blackjack, the pirate ship. She emerges from the fog, sails billowing as she cruises the ocean. Suddenly a strange ship appears on the horizon and a battle ensues. Blackjack fires a salvo of canons and hijacks the ship. Loaded with plundered treasure, the crew merrily hoist the sails of the Blackjack and embark on their next adventure.
2061-16-010 M The Rise of the Blackjack
Gerald Oswald | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 115,99
Canzone di Francesco This beautiful and intense slow composition including lots of melodic and musical sequences is dedicated to Saint Francis-a figure whose life story has always impressed the composer. He had previously honoured Francis of Assisi in several works including a composition for strings, an oratorio, a mass and a Laudate for choir and concert band. Canzone di Francesco will create a moment of meditation and reflection during your concert, but is also very suitable as a warm up piece offering various possibilities to work on intonation, phrasing and sound building.
2037-15-010 M Canzone di Francesco
Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 103,99
Terra Mystica Terra Mystica is a concert work describing the beautiful area of Hausruck in upper Austria. The three segments (Pastorale, Cathedral and Homeland) each depict different aspects with very different musical characters.
2021-16-010 M Terra Mystica
Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 159,99
Apollo 11 Who doesn’t know the iconic words “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, spoken by the famous astronaut Neil Armstrong - the man that took the first step on the moon. This inspiring work from Otto M. Schwarz lets you re-experience this event step by step, starting from the countdown until the actual landing on the moon. A stunning musical flashback to the historical event of 1969, which will make you feel as if you are in the space shuttle Apollo 11 yourself!
2084-16-010 M Apollo 11
Mission to the Moon | Otto M. Schwarz/OMS GmbH | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 77,99
Kool & the Gang Greatest Hits Top music arranger, Gilbert Tinner has a great deal of expertise in all styles of entertainment music. He has shared the stage with many famous artists as a musician. This is a groovy arrangement of a few of the greatest hits of Kool and the Gang such as, Joanna, Get Down On It, Celebration and Ladies Night. Get your audience on their feet!
2070-16-010 M Kool & the Gang Greatest Hits
Get Down On It - Joanna - Ladies Night - Celebration | Gilbert Tinner | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 115,99
The Last Giant On the Wildon Mountain, deep inside Austria, there once lived generations of giants, terrorizing the inhabitants of the valley. However, the people of the valley were determined to put an end to the barbaric invaders. This programmatic piece tells the story of the events step by step, or rather bar by bar. A spectacular and variegated piece for concert or contest, with lots of action in the different registers, as well as beautiful thematic materials throughout the piece.
2062-16-010 M The Last Giant
Otto M. Schwarz/OMS GmbH | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 149,99
Stratosphere What do the American Joseph Kittinger and the Austrian Felix Baumgartner have in common? They both jumped from over 30km high with a parachute. While Kittinger’s attempt on 16 August 1960 was from a height of ‘only’ 31,333 meters, Felix Baumgartner broke this record on 14 October 2012 with a breath-taking 38,969 meters.

This composition Stratosphere describes the adventure, from climbing into the capsule with help of a balloon, to the short pause in the stratosphere, and the jump, the turbulence during the free-fall descent, and finally the opening of the parachute and the safe landing.

2012-14-010 M Stratosphere
Otto M. Schwarz/OMS GmbH | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 89,99
Devil's Tower This piece tells the story of the tower as the only remain of the once legendary castle in Waldneukirchen. The Devil took possession of the tower and of course this leads to nothing good. A fantastic piece featuring Renaissance sequences hidden within a filmic compositional style, plus other sound effects integrated into this spectacular and challenging piece full of beautiful melodies and themes!
2060-16-010 M Devil's Tower
Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 139,99
St. Florian Choral This beautiful chorale was inspired by the music of the great romantic Anton Bruckner, one of the favorite composers of Thomas Doss.
0826-02-010 M St. Florian Choral
in memoriam Anton Bruckner | Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 82,99
Symphony No. 1 - The Archangels The Swiss composer Franco Cesarini has waited a long time to write his first symphony and after years of considering and drafting, this Archangels Symphony, Symphony nr. 1 is a vast composition consisting of highly dramatic language, intense thematic developments and frequent polyphonic elaborations. The thematic material is taken from old Gregorian melodies that form the basis for the entire work, which is, despite the title, a non-programmatic work. It consists out of 4 movements: Gabriel, the gentle archangel; the supreme healer Raphael; the energetic archangel Michael, the Prince of the heavenly host; and surprisingly the archangel Urile, the ‘forgotten’ archangel. A true masterpiece and a fantastic musical challenge!
2069-16-010 M Symphony No. 1 - The Archangels
Franco Cesarini | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 515,99
La Canzone della Fantasia The chorale La Canzone della Fantasia is suitable for every wind band, thanks to its careful instrumentation. It is especially suitable as an exercise for your orchestra. Above all this piece serves as an ideal point of rest in any concert programme, allowing your audience to forget the hectic nature of everyday life.
2046-15-010 M La Canzone della Fantasia
Gerald Oswald | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 77,99
Funk Attack Otto M. Schwarz is endeavoring to contribute new ideas to concert band literature. He has contributed in the field of multimedia (Asteroid), and with his many compositions in symphonic/modern arrangement (Jazz Waltz No 1, Fire and Ice or Band Fever). His new composition Funk Attack is, as the name suggests, a piece in funk style. Otto M. Schwarz first gained his experience in his style in the 8o?s, transcribing numbers by famos Amerarican bands including "Earth, Wind and Fire", "Tower of Power"", and the British slap idol "Mark King" (Level 42). Funk attack is atypical of "the concert band scene" and requires absolute precision in phrasing and rhythm. Without the support of a great percussion groove, the orchestra plays an interlocked theme in the central section in style of recent American Big Bands. Otto M. Schwarz dedicated this work to "Alexander Veit and Symphonic Winds".
1035-03-010 M Funk Attack
Otto M. Schwarz/OMS GmbH | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 77,99
Around the World in 80 Days The original version of Around the World in 80 Days is one of the biggest bestsellers for concert band in recent years. For this reason the composer decided to make a version that is suited for smaller bands at a lower grade. Enjoy your trip around the world and see which countries you recognise in the music!
2077-16-010 M Around the World in 80 Days
Otto M. Schwarz/OMS GmbH | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 77,99
Greek Folk Song Suite Greek folk music is characterised by the sound of the ‘buzuki’ which is often used in combination with the clarinet, the mandolin, the violin and various types of tambourines. In Greek Folk Song Suite, Franco Cesarini has elaborated on three songs belonging to this most ancient tradition. The first, O Haralambis, is in 7/8 time, a characteristic of a popular folk dance called kalamatianos. Originally, the song O Haralambis was sung to ‘tease’ during weddings with the text of the song refering to a young man who refuses to marry. The second movement, Stu Psiloriti, refers to an ancient song from the island of Crete. The third movement of the suite is based on the song Vasilikos tha gino and is characterised by the sirtaki, probably the most popular Greek dance outside of Greece. This is Greek passion portrayed by a concert band!
0876-02-010 M Greek Folk Song Suite
Franco Cesarini | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 149,99
Andreas Gabalier in Concert Andreas Gabalier is one of the most popular Austrian folk singers of his generation. In 2012, he won an ECHO music award and has also won the Amadeus Austrian Music Award twice. This medley contains ‘I sing a Liad für di’, ‘So liab hob i di’, ‘Amoi seg' ma uns wieder’, ‘Zuckerpuppen’ and ‘Go for Gold’.
2053-15-010 M Andreas Gabalier in Concert
Markus Schenk | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 110,99
Walking on Sunshine Walking on Sunshine has earned its place among the all-time favorite summer classics. Kimberley Rew, lead guitarist for the pop group Katrina and the Waves, wrote the song in 1985 and never looked back. Whether at a club or a cafe, everybody seems to smile when this song is heard. Bring sunshine to your next concert with Sefan Schwalgin’s arrangement of this unforgettable classic!
1688-09-010 M Walking on Sunshine
as performed by Katrina & the Waves | Kimberley Rew | Stefan Schwalgin | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 77,99
Of Castles and Legends The programmatic composition Of Castles and Legends is basedon the German legend of the white maiden who lived in the smallcity of Volkmarsen. It tells the tale of invading evil knights whokidnap a beautiful maiden, who through sheer panic commandedher spirit into the hands of God and by jumping into the abyss fromthe highest tower of the castle where she was being held. Fromthat day onward, she appeared from time to time, in shiny whitegarments, a sign of eternal heavenly joy. A fantastically descriptivepiece which portrays this tragic legend through the power of music.
1470-07-010 M Of Castles and Legends
Die Legende von der weißen Jungfrau zur Kugelsburg | Thomas Doss | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Set (Score & Parts)
€ 149,99
0876-02-140 M Greek Folk Song Suite
Franco Cesarini | Mitropa Music | Concert Band/Harmonie | Score Only
€ 28,50
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