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The Music of Franco Cesarini – CDs and Sheet Music

The CDs

The Artistry of Franco Cesarini
€ 17,95 € 6,00
Franco Cesarini
€ 49,95
The Creative World of Franco Cesarini
€ 17,95
Viva Verdi Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco Verdi was born on 10 October 1813 near Busseto, Italy, and died in Milan on 27 January 1901 aged 87 years. In 2013 we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Verdi - the Romantic maestro who wrote musical history with his operas. To commemorate this anniversary, the Civica Filarmonica di Lugano under the direction of Franco Cesarini has reissued a CD with overtures and ballet music of the maestro aptly entitled Viva Verdi. Cesarini himself has adapted all the works included on the recording for wind band and all are available in print. At your next concert celebrate with us the 200th birthday of Giuseppe Verdi and delight your audience by serving up a top quality helping of Verdi!
Viva Verdi
€ 17,95 € 6,00
Images of a City
€ 17,95 € 6,00
€ 17,95 € 6,00
Franco Cesarini Live in Concert
€ 17,95
Cape Horn (2-CD)
€ 21,95
The Idol of the Flies
€ 17,95

The Sheet Music

Colorado The main theme of this overture is based on an old Indian song from the Arapaho tribe. The name Colorado comes from the Spanish word meaning ‘coloured’. This term was originally used to refer to the river, as its waters turned red when running at full speed through the canyons, eroding the red stone. The State of Colorado is famed for no fewer than four National Parks, each providing breath-taking views. Let your imagination run wild as you travel through these amazing lands, with the help of the lively music with a great beat and fantastic colour
€ 124,99
Arizona Arizona is written in a typical three-part overture form. The composition is not strictly descriptive as such, but rather conveys moods and emotions, inspired by impressions of the American desert state of Arizona: the endless, cactus-studded desert landscape, a lone Indian on horseback, the legendary Grand Canyon Railroad, the Petrified Forest and the famous Monument Valley.
€ 119,99
Greek Folk Song Suite Greek folk music is characterised by the sound of the ‘buzuki’ which is often used in combination with the clarinet, the mandolin, the violin and various types of tambourines. In Greek Folk Song Suite, Franco Cesarini has elaborated on three songs belonging to this most ancient tradition. The first, O Haralambis, is in 7/8 time, a characteristic of a popular folk dance called kalamatianos. Originally, the song O Haralambis was sung to ‘tease’ during weddings with the text of the song refering to a young man who refuses to marry. The second movement, Stu Psiloriti, refers to an ancient song from the island of Crete. The third movement of the suite is based on the song Vasilikos tha gino and is characterised by the sirtaki, probably the most popular Greek dance outside of Greece. This is Greek passion portrayed by a concert band!
Greek Folk Song Suite
€ 149,99
The Holly and the Ivy The Holly and the Ivy is one of the oldest and most popular of all English Christmas carols. The text refers to Mary and Jesus, but equally to the pre-Christian tradition of celebrating the winter solstice. The melody is thought to originate in 11th Century France. Countless stars, including Charlie Byrd, Petula Clark and Annie Lennox have been inspired to record their own interpretations - just as Franco Cesarini has done with this wonderful arrangement for wind orchestra.
The Holly and the Ivy
€ 72,99
Nabucco Giuseppe Verdi is one of the most famous composers of Italian opera. Here, Cesarini has masterfully arranged Nabucco.
€ 124,99
A Joyful Fanfare This joyous fanfare offers many members of the band the opportunityto shine. The opening subject is passed from the clarinets to thesaxophones and then to the oboes before being taken up by thecomplete band. After a quiet variation from the horns the work comesto a powerful climax. A perfect concert opener that will introduce yourwhole concert band to the audience.
A Joyful Fanfare
€ 89,99
The Idol of the Flies The book The Idol of the Flies by Jane Rice (1913-2005) is a classicof horror literature. It is the story of a child who, in an incredibleseries of cruel actions, persecutes those around him. The composerhas chosen not to reproduce the contents of the tale with music,but to create its archaic and mysterious atmosphere. Like manyother horror classics, the setting, and the atmosphere of the storyare more important than the contents of the tale itself. Get youraudience quaking in their boots with this horrific tale!
The Idol of the Flies
€ 159,99
Il Giudizio Universale Camillo De Nardis’ Il giudizio universale (The Universal Judgement) was awarded first prize at the Competition for Band Composition held in Naples. This composition was inspired by Verdi’s Requiem with its melodramatic style, sudden changes of atmosphere and imposing moments of fortissimo.
Il Giudizio Universale
€ 133,99
Il Barbiere di Siviglia The Barber of Seville is based on the first of Beaumarchais‘ (1732- 1799) two sequential plays, The Marriage of Figaro being the second, although unusually the overture does not contain any themes from the ensuing opera. The music, however, is sparkling and tuneful encompassing the ‘spirit‘ of the story that is about to unfold. The overture follows the form of the classic Italian style, with a slow introduction followed by a brilliant Allegro. Of course, the famous crescendo, so typical of Rossini’s works, is also present.
Il Barbiere di Siviglia
€ 124,99
Tancredi Tancredi, composed in 1813, is rarely performed in today’s opera houses, however its overture, or Sinfonia, as it was called at the time, is well-liked and has received regular performances over the years. This arrangement for concert band has been written so as to retain the original spirit of this immortal short composition, one of Rossini’s favourites.
€ 124,99
Dynamic Overture This piece is written in the form of an overture (A-B-A). The beginning features a prominent, dynamic theme, which determines the character of the whole piece. This theme is repeated in every part of the composition; in the slow middle movement it appears in lyrical phrases, supported by broad harmonies, which feature in an unexpected manner. Dynamic Overture ends with an adapted repeat of the first movement, finishing in a flashing coda.
Dynamic Overture
€ 154,99
Symphony No. 1 - The Archangels The Swiss composer Franco Cesarini has waited a long time to write his first symphony and after years of considering and drafting, this Archangels Symphony, Symphony nr. 1 is a vast composition consisting of highly dramatic language, intense thematic developments and frequent polyphonic elaborations. The thematic material is taken from old Gregorian melodies that form the basis for the entire work, which is, despite the title, a non-programmatic work. It consists out of 4 movements: Gabriel, the gentle archangel; the supreme healer Raphael; the energetic archangel Michael, the Prince of the heavenly host; and surprisingly the archangel Urile, the ‘forgotten’ archangel. A true masterpiece and a fantastic musical challenge!
Symphony No. 1 - The Archangels
€ 515,99
Old Russian Romances Foreign culture - art, literature and above all music - have long fascinated Franco Cesarini and often serve as a source of inspiration for his compositions. For Old Russian Romances, Cesarini immersed himself in the study of Russian folksongs and eventually selected a number of joyful and also melancholy melodies which he worked into his composition with typical craft and imagination but also with respect for the original tunes.
Old Russian Romances
€ 154,99
Convergents With Convergents Franco Cesarini has succeeded in composing a piece suitable for both concerts or contests which whilst not being too difficult still has the feel of a major work. This extremely rhythmical piece is built upon three themes which, after being introduced in turn, finally converge into the triumphal finale of the work. This scintillating workwill be a definite enrichment to the repertoire of your concert band.
€ 128,99
Puss in Boots Puss in Boots, a fairy tale character first mentioned in writing by Charles Perrault in the 17th century, is a popular figure in children’s books, cartoons and comics. Franco Cesarini was inspired by the utter simplicity and naturalness of the tale and put it into a musical fairy tale which—thanks to the narrator’s voice— can be performed as a production with scenery.
Puss in Boots
€ 241,99
Images of a City
€ 149,99
Alpina Fanfare
€ 82,99
Genève Genève is a festive march, composed on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the “La Musique Municipale de la Ville Genève” music association. The composer, Franco Cesarini, integrated a traditional march structure with cheerful melodies and a festive brass sound. Genève is especially suitable as a concert opener or as a musical highlight of a festive ceremony.
€ 72,99
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 Franz Liszt’s 19 Hungarian Rhapsodies are characterised by melancholy, great expressiveness and wonderful gypsy rhythms. No.2 is the best known of all, mainly thanks to the use of various passages for cartoon characters such as Tom and Jerry, Woody Woodpecker and Bugs Bunny. The whirling, billowing music is accessible to a broad audience. This excellent arrangement for wind band by Franco Cesarini will doubtless enrich any concert.
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
€ 144,99
Concerto Rococò The title refers to the historical period that marked the transition between the baroque and classical styles. Rococo music is characterised by a profusion of ornaments, by graceful elegance and lightness of writing. Concerto Rococò consists of three movements: Toccata, Elegie and Gigue en Rondeau - typical musical forms of that time. The concerto is very demanding on the technique of the soloist, but consequently highlights the flute’s agility and lyricism.
Concerto Rococò
€ 359,99
Tom Sawyer Suite During his childhood The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was the favourite book of the composer Franco Cesarini. With his memories of the magic of joy, fear and freedom, Cesarini seeks to bring the figures of the book to life musically in his Tom Sawyer Suite. Each of the first four movements describes a figure from the story. Tom Sawyer is depicted in the first movement, where the characteristic “cake walk” rhythm is used. The second movement depicts Huckleberry Finn. The third movement is slower, more expressively melancholic and is dedicated to Becky Thatcher. Then there is Injun Joe, who tries to catch Tom in the fourth movement with the fifth movement leading to a happy end.
Tom Sawyer Suite
€ 178,99
Terra Ticinese
€ 59,99
Pastorale de Provence Cesarini composed this work as a tribute to the memory of Darius Milhaud, born a century earlier in Aix-en-Provence, France. The premiere, conducted by the composer, was presented by the Civic Philharmonic of Balerna in December, 1992. The titles of the four-part suite include: La Villageoise (The Village Maiden), Le petit berger (The Little Shepherd), La Princesse (The Princess) and Le Lutin (The Imp). The numerous musical reference themes begin with five folksongs from the Provence region and continue with melodies written by French composers of the seventeenth century. Additional interest is created by the use of old dance forms (Ronde, Musette, Pavane and Farandole) to illustrate each historical character.
Pastorale de Provence
€ 124,99
Bulgarian Dances (part II) Bulgarian folk music has a long tradition and numerous typical characteristics, such as particular dissonances and complex, irregular rhythms. In Bulgarian Dances (Part II) (which can be performed together with the previously published title Bulgarian Dances) Franco Cesarini has preserved the original spirit of Bulgarian folk music, yet has imbued it with a symphonic character and brought it into the concert hall. The three different movements give us a meditative, moving folksong and a lively dance, before a distinctly symphonic part leads to a glittering finale.
Bulgarian Dances (part II)
€ 314,99
La Gazza Ladra In the monumental overture to the opera La Gazza Ladra (The Thieving Magpie) Gioachino Rossini employs themes from the opera itself in order to prepare the audience for the material to come. The overture contains themes that stay long in the memory of the listener, as well as spectacular use of the famous Rossini crescendo. This wonderful arrangement for concert band from Franco Cesarini retains all of La Gazza Ladra’s original charm, and is ideal as a concert opener.
La Gazza Ladra
€ 133,99
Coro dei Gitani Often, individual parts of operas become very successful, independent instrumental pieces. An outstanding example is the Anvil Chorus from Giuseppe Verdi’s opera Il Trovatore. Thanks to its symphonic characteristics, it is especially suitable for concert band transcription without losing its original character.
Coro dei Gitani
€ 82,99
Le Cortège du Roi Renaud Le cortège du roi Renaud is a suite in five parts. It is based on tales that originated in southern European folk songs, dating back as far as the 16th century. A large portion of these songs are of the genre "Complaintes" songs in which the text gives a detailed description of events having a generally criminal or macabre character. The most familiar song to feature the tales of Roi Renaud is "Fualdes", consisting of 48 verses.The first part of the suite is based on the song "La Porcheronne" (The Swineherd). It telis the story of a young woman forced by her mother-in-law to tend pigs while her husband is away fighting in the war. She is freed only when her husband returns seven years later.The next part tells the story of "La mrquise Empoisonnée" (The Poisoned Marquise). A marquise is coerced by her king to become his mistress. The jealous queen poisons her by means of a bouquet of deadly scented fiowers.Despite having the character of a merry dance, the third part, "La maumariée vengee" (The Avenged Wedding), expresses the touching story of Queen Clotilde, persecuted for her refusal to live according to the Aryan beliefs."La belle engloutie" (The Swallowed Beauty) relates the tale of the young wife of King Renaud. She cannot imagine a life without her husband, who was mortally wounded in the war, and begs the earth to open and swallow her up so thst she may rejoin her love.The gruesome content of the final part,"Le tueur de femmes" (The Wife Killer), bears a strong resembiance to the tale of Bluebeard. The story is about a young wife in danger of being drowned in a pond by her husband, which is what happened to her 13 predecessors. Thanks to her cunning, she manages to turn the tables and contrive her husband's demise.
Le Cortège du Roi Renaud
€ 133,99
Solemnitas Each year on the last Monday in June, the German city of Burgdorf celebrates the holiday of youth, the so called ‘Solennitat’. It is the most important event occurring in the city and consists of three processions walking through the centre of town to celebrate, at the city’s expense, the good results achieved in school. This new work by Franco Cesarini takes it’s inspiration from this event and leads us through contrasting variations of a Swiss folk tune.
€ 159,99
Leviathan The leviathan, a demoniacal sea monster that appears as a dragon or serpent, is considered in the Old Testament to be the embodiment of evil. The defeat of the demon is prophesied in Isaiah 27:1: "On that day the Lord will punish with his cruel sword, his mighty and powerful sword Leviathan that primeval sea-serpent, that writhing serpent Leviathan, and slay the monster of the deep ."The composer's main goal is to create an atmosphere thick with agitation, tumult and extreme tension rather than express specific events musically. The monstrous form of the leviathan slowly emerges from the abyss of primordial sounds at the start of the piece, recalling the eternal conflict between good and evil.
€ 149,99
The Brigadier Brigadier is a senior military rank who typically commands a Brigade consisting of three battalions, approximately 3000 soldiers. The appointment to a high-ranking officer in the Army provides a lot of Swiss communities with the opportunity to celebrate. When Heinrich Tanner was promoted to Brigadier, the ‘Knabenmusik der Stadt St. Gallen’ wanted to pay tribute by dedicating a march to him. The result was this rousing march by Franco Cesarini.
The Brigadier
€ 77,99
Caucasian Sketches With Caucasian Sketches Franco Cesarini completes the series of piecesbased on dances in the Caucasian style which started with his CossackFolk Dances. The charming, melancholy dances and songs bring afeeling of what life was like for the Caucasian people in times gone by.Take your audience on an extraordinary musical trip into the East!
Caucasian Sketches
€ 128,99
Ukrainian Rhapsody Folk music plays an important role in the life of the Ukrainian people. Their country covers an area of over 600.000 square kilometres and has more than fifty million inhabitants. In the north there are vast woods, in the west one finds the picturesque Carpatian mountains and valleys, and in the centre and the south Ukraine has its famous steppes with fertile black soil. The river Dnjepr divides the country in two, forming a natural frontier between the western and eastern regions, which each have their own distinctively different musical folklore. This diversity forms the musical basis for Ukrainian Rhapsody. The work consists of three movements: the first one, in a moderate tempo, without a pause flows into a slow but very expressive middle movement, resulting in a powerful climax. The composition ends with the Gopak: a rousing dance.
Ukrainian Rhapsody
€ 139,99
Huckleberry Finn Suite American author Mark Twain spent seven years writing Huckleberry Finn - the book Hemingway claimed is the basis for all American fiction. The story of Huck's and Jim's quest for freedom on a raft on the Mississippi provides a panoramic view of Southern society, which Twain saw as beset by greed, violence and coldhearted brutality in the guise of virtue. At the end of the book, Huck definitively abandons the hypocrisy and cant on which he has been raised when he makes the shocking decision to go to hell rather than betray his friend Jim and send him back to slavery. This suite portrays all the adventure of this great romantic novel and will delight performers and audience alike.
Huckleberry Finn Suite
€ 165,99
Festival Fanfare This famous piece by the Swiss composer Franco Cesarini is a festive way to start your concert!
Festival Fanfare
€ 82,99
A Festival Anthem
€ 103,99
Omaggio a Bellini Inspired by the operas of Bellini, Saverio Mercadante created this richly contrasting overture from lyrical and dramatic moments in his own works. This arrangement offers modern concert bands access to a composition that, due to its obsolete instrumentation, is otherwise lost forever.
Omaggio a Bellini
€ 144,99
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